National Geographic – Extreme Universe – Edge of Space

Delve into the unknown on a journey into deep oceans and deep space, as we seek the answers to some of mankind’s most unfathomable questions.

National Geographic – Extreme Universe – S01E04 – Edge of Space (2010)

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  • Artur

    Great video!

  • mike

    Missing Part 4

  • tblue420

    this is broken

  • fuckgreece

    Fuck YOutube

  • fuckgreece
  • Nightsurfa

    Can’t watch this video not available in my country!

  • Homie1to

    what ever happened to the theoretical ort cloud? heh

  • rajat

    dis shit never works in my country     (this video content from national geographic who has blocked it in ur country on copyrights grounds)  fuck youtube 

  • Javed Ahmed Nizamani

    Best documentary, please re telecast all ur space related documentaries on Nat Geo Hindi