NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of Freedom

This is more of a feature interview rather than a documentary but I feel many of you will appreciate it. William Binney is a 36-year veteran of the United States Intelligence Community, he was the Director for Global Communication Intelligence at the NSA. After realising that his efforts to protect the American public’s privacy were being undermined by those who were positioned above above him in the chain of command for the NSA.

Binney and his team had developed a data-mining program codenamed ThinThread which was designed to target foreign threats, but it turned out that his program was turned around to spy on his fellow citizens, this was known as Steller Wind and it didn’t sit well with Binney.

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  • Fascinating, or it was until it suddenly stops playing after an hour or so.

    • Plays fine for me, right through the end credits around 2:35:00

      • Thx Greg, must be my end then, I’ll give it another go.

        • You’re correct, it plays fine but I got so bloody depressed that after 2 hours I had to give it up, LOL! Absolutely incredible how the NSA has essentially raped the US public.

  • slx5c

    Suddenly a One World Order is real; just like that, very disturbing of how at ease it has developed.
    EYE 5