Questioning Darwin

For those Christians who believe their Bible is the word of God, the literal truth, one man is held up as the antichrist, he is Charles Darwin, their reasoning?, for leading millions of Christians astray with a very different account of creation, evolution by natural selection. In this new HBO film we get a look into this fast-growing branch of Christians in America, who have a very hardline, literal and creationist view of the Bible.

Through a selection of interview with Darwin historians, biographers, ministers and creationist Christians, along with letters and writings of Darwin, this documentary attempts to take a balanced look at this 150-year old debate. Creation vs. Evolution.


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  • zenqi

    So incredibly disturbing and disheartening to watch this! It is a very transparent, one-sided attempt to present the biblical view of creation as somehow viable and discredit Darwin and Natural Selection.

    I feel very sad for the poor people who grasp on to primitive, magical thinking and try desperately to defend it with “documentaries” like this one. I feel especially sad for those who are unwilling or unable to even try to investigate what is behind their clinging to their views, beliefs and opinions.

    The first scene in this film of the children being taught myths as reality literally turned my stomach. I would classify it as intellectual and spiritual abuse. So terriblly painful to see those kids being set up for so much pain and confusion in life.

  • David

    The level of stupid in those Creationists should be outlawed. It is staggering just how deluded people can be not to mention, dangerous.

  • K Sean Proudler

    If you are directly connected to the truth, then you need not be dependent upon a belief. However, if you are located at a distance from the truth, and thus you are located within the zone of less that truth, then you may become dependent upon a belief. But, if you stick to that belief, rather than learn from it and move on over to the truth, you will forever stick to being located within the zone of “less than truth”.

    Thus, those who believe that there is a God, and those who believe that there is NO God at all, are both in the same boat, a boat that will sink since those within this boat are not interested in the actual truth at all.

  • Leslie Graham

    That is just child abuse – pure and simple.
    Absolutely sickening.