R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes

In light of the recent #MeToo movement which was sparked by several women bringing forward allegations of sexual abuse against Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein, claiming he abused his power to manipulate women, we are now starting to see many other names in the entertainment industry being mentioned with regards to sexual abuse. One of these names is R Kelly, who for a long time has been in the hot seat with regards to taking a liking to underaged girls.

In this film we see BBC presenter Ben Zand explore the many allegations which seem to be following R. Kelly around these days, primarily regarding the R&B legend’s sex life. These accusations include holding women against their own will in his house in Atlanta and running a degrading sex cult. These are all allegations which he of course denies but through a number of interviews with close friends and those who worked with him in the past it becomes clear that all is not right with R Kelly.

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  • Jack

    Wow just shocking this guy is the definition of sex addict

  • Shoutty Catt

    There are a few contributing factors to R. Kelly’s seeming invulnerability to the #MeToo movement:
    1) Because blacks seem to be the most looked down upon race the world over, there are strong issues of loyalty within the culture. A person who’s rich, powerful, and talented has “made it.” You don’t drag a man’s name through the mud lightly under normal circumstances, and that rule’s even more stringent in black culture. For some, being black and working to tear down one of the few blacks who’ve made it is the worse kind of mutiny.
    2) This combines with another unspoken rule: Stop snitching.
    3) Many of the girls have grown up poor. This man offers seeming financial stability.
    4) Many of the girls are looking to start their careers in entertainment. This man seems to offer a viable entry point.

    Katt Williams once said, “Don’t nobody say the same thing about you for 20 years!”

  • irishgirl

    I am a woman and sorry but I have to say these women are trash – especially these black girls trying to s… a black d…. its disgusting they want fame and to be a rich rappers hoe sorry but I have no sympathy for them the rest of us know better