Richard Dawkins: Faith School Menace?

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The number of faith schools in Britain is rising. Around 7,000 publicly-funded schools – one in three – now has a religious affiliation.

As the coalition government paves the way for more faith-based education by promoting ‘free schools’, the renowned atheist and evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins says enough is enough.

In this passionately argued film, Dawkins calls on us to reconsider the consequences of faith education, which, he argues, bamboozles parents and indoctrinates and divides children.

The film features robust exchanges with former Secretary of State for Education Charles Clarke, Head of the Church of England Education Service Reverend Janina Ainsworth, and the Chair of the Association of Muslim Schools, Dr Mohammed Mukadam.

It also features insights from child psychologists and key players in faith education as well as insights from both parents and pupils.

Dawkins also draws on his own personal history as a father, arguing that the government must stop funding new faith schools, and urges society to respect a child’s right to freedom of belief.

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  • the555hit

    You will never see Dawkins apologise for his arrogance of posture. How can he? — – That would be an oxymoron. I cannot tell whether even he is conscious of that innate overweening characteristic which any person, equally reasonable as he, but possessed of greater emotional intelligence can only ever find repulsive, as illustrated by his interview with the catholic agonist. Can he though, in all his brave-yet-hurt-faced chip-on-shoulderness be as scarily hideous as the macabre yet ludicrous marching bowlerhatted OTT triumphalism of the marchers he shows us —- our smiley porridge face pastor the mask on bullying religion-as-politics? Can he be as spinechilling as the ‘science teacher who has clearly never even asked herself the old common ancestor/chimp question.. jeeeez!. Not easily. Yet his use of language, his abrupt tone measured through home counties cream and that air of assumed superiority he appears never even to begin to question, I feel, must alienate where religion, for all its apparently verifiable falsehood, will always benefit, where its proselytiser is possessed of charisma, an easy voice and a visible sense of humour and flow. Did Richard ever dare to imagine that possibly one strange old day at the end of time and, possibly, consciousness. that it will turn out that both religion and science got it all right and at the same time all wrong, that, just as string theory in at least its pub-science interpretation has it, a thing can be two things in two places at once, so that both religion, however apparently ludicrous, and science, can both be correct depending on which end of the string ‘the truth’ is spinning on at any one particular nanosecond? I’m sure such an open mined fellow did, but if he did, where did he get all that bombastic air?

  • Ateist

    Not with fucking “Jesus” Mr. Dawkins!!! You are not Atheist Mr. Dawkins!!!

  • Miffy Cole

    I no all about this brought up in religion but made feel outed and discriminated against 1 i wore glasses was seen as disabled, what a crock made sit out of sports no let be involved religious relatives made me feel inadequate not up to their standard well, my faith will always override theres in compassion love and empathy.

  • cokkocker

    south park oH mr garrison ya fuck my monkey

    .pound it