Richard Hammond’s Journey To The Centre of the Planet

How does the Earth work? Richard Hammond goes to go to the centre of the planet to find out. Using a giant 3D virtual Earth, Richard peels back the layers and shows where volcanoes come from, why earthquakes happen and even where to find diamonds.

Using stunning CGI, the latest satellite imagery and beautiful locations around the world, the story of how the Earth works has never been seen like this before. And in Richard Hammond’s hands it is a story that has never told like this either!


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  • Peter Drinnan

    I enjoyed this very much. Fantastic special effects.

    • Milkscone

      how did u watch it? its not even loading the player and i have tried Ā 2 different browsers

  • Jim Martin

    Go Richad! nice documentary

  • Gal_szili

    not working šŸ™

  • Doreenm84

    I would like a vidio of journey to the centre of the planet

  • Christinamathewson

    could get it to work. Ā I real shame was hoping to show my children