Ross Kemp on Gangs – St Louis

Ross’s examines Middle America’s gang culture with a visit to St. Louis, Missouri; where he takes a look at how this Midwestern municipality with a population of 342,000 people, there are around 380,000 guns – and many of these are in the hands of gang members with apparent affiliations to gangs in Los Angeles.

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  • YourMumsGrimyWaffle

    The guy in the mask looks like Ray Mysterio.

  • Ttadukas

    Cut the fucking benefits, that those mobs would starve to death without a job

  • very good doc,,and Ross you got Guts!!

    • Gooooooop

      huge balls on this guy

  • zahneputzen

    yeah, cut the benefits. make them poorer, that will really help with the poverty cycle. how about make education more easily accessible? how about cracking down on racism?

  • Tomlouisgarrett

    Spend time smoking weed im nervous, shieeet.