The Secrets of Quantum Physics

Beneath the complexities of everyday life the rules of our universe seem reassuringly simple, but as science further developed and those involved began to peer deeper into the tiny building blocks of matter all such certainty vanished and what was discovered was the weird world of Quantum Mechanics. Deep down inside of everything around us a universe was found completely unlike our own.

Around 100 years ago some the greatest scientists began a journey down the rabbit hole into the strange and bizarre, they found that in the realm of the very small things could be in two places at once, that their faiths are dictated by chance and that reality itself is not what it seems, defying all common sense.

This 2 part documentary by the BBC, narrated by professor of physics Jim Al-Khalilia sets about investigating the most accurate and yet perplexing scientific theory ever – quantum physics.

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  • chip griffin

    we live in a matrix…yep a master program written by GOD himself. you are living the masters test given by the master himself. how did you do?

    • YoDudes

      whatever you were having i want some

      • chip griffin

        you couldn’t handle it go back to sleep…

  • Azeael


  • Midnight O. West

    The mystery that surrounds Quantum Mechanics is, in my opinion, God’s great Check and Mate. We’re allowed to see the game and some of the pieces, but not t
    he final outcome. awesome