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Claude Lanzmann directed this 9 and a half hour documentary about the Holocaust without using a single frame of archive footage.

He interviews survivors, witnesses, and ex-Nazis (whom he had to film secretly since though only agreed to be interviewed by audio). His style of interviewing by asking for the most minute details is effective at adding up these details to give a horrifying portrait of the events of Nazi genocide.

He also shows, or rather lets some of his subjects themselves show, that the anti-Semitism that caused 6 million Jews to die in the Holocaust is still alive and well in many people that still live in Germany, Poland, and elsewhere.

Sometimes the English subtitles are missing. This happens when the interpreter is translating one language into the other, which then ends with english subtitles.

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  • Roland

    I often run across people who try to downplay the Holocaust of the Jews by pointing out that there have been many bigger genocides in history. The Nazis themselves killed 25 million Russians (and over 5 million Poles, and many others), in addition to the 6 million Jews. World War II in Europe as a whole killed 50 million people. Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire killed tens of millions (without even having guns, a remarkable achievement); the European conquest of the Americas involved the killing of at least 100 million Native Americans across both continents, and maybe a lot more.

    But the reason why the Holocaust is such a big deal is NOT about the numbers of people killed. It’s about HOW and WHY they were killed. In most genocides and massacres, people get killed because they oppose the ruling authority, and the killing happens in a disorganized, haphazard sort of way that allows for relatively high chances of survival (lots of people run away, hide, etc.)

    The Holocaust was different. People were NOT killed for being opponents of the regime, but simply for being the “wrong” ethnic group. There is a difference between the dictator who says “obey me or die” and the one who says simply “die”. Hitler was the second kind. The Jews were not given the option of earning their survival in any way, not even by complete surrender and obedience. Also, the Holocaust was systematic, planned out in detail and carried out like an industrial operation with clockwork precision. It wasn’t a case of “let’s randomly kill some people over there” (like most genocides). Jews were carefully counted and registered; anyone trying to escape or hide was ruthlessly hunted down. Then they were loaded into trains and shipped off to death camps that had been built for the specific purpose of murdering them. Most mass killers just shoot people (or stab them, or whatever) – they don’t build an entire factory system of death, with its own special railways, barracks and gas chambers, designed to churn out dead bodies on a conveyor belt.

    This is what makes the Holocaust so special, and so horrifying: the fact that it was nearly impossible to escape it, and the fact that it involved an entire INDUSTRY dedicated to mass murder.

  • Tom

    Franz Suchomel (SS, Treblinka) and Franz Stangl (Commandant, Treblinka) both described in detail the machine of mass killing at that camp–one of four dedicated entirely to extermination. Their estimates of the number of Jews killed (by CO2 at Treblinka) are in the neighborhood of 400,000. This is the perpetrators talking.

  • hajiaru

    Jews Won’t Let WW2 Stop because they are making money The Holocaust Industry

  • http://Documentaryheaven Sujijones

    I didn’t get to see the documentary yet: “This Film Does Not Exist”, but the comments stunned me……How can a human being so hate someone they’ve never met and know nothing about? Wow, time to check yourselves folks, that kind of hate requires alot of energy, much better spent having a positive impact upon the community. Doesn’t matter who’s community. It’s okay to love your “own kind” , as it were, knock yourself out, but you’ve obviously never seen bodies before, or you wouldn’t be spending your ire on anyone else because of the color of their skin or the way they pray; I’ve got a news flash for you: everyone bleeds the same color…..

  • Tori

    I wish that this was the full 9 1/2 hour one. I got 2.5 hours into one on youtube before the English subtitles suddenly stopped. Finding this documentary to stream for free with English subtitles is like trying to find a unicorn. Thank you for the part of the documentary that you did post.