Spanish Version of Tupac – Resurrection

Title aside, we’ll never see the likes of Tupac Shakur again. The late rap superstar was a complex, contradictory figure and, throughout the course of this riveting documentary, it’s as if he’s back in our world again. Produced by his mother, former Black Panther Afeni Shakur, Tupac Resurrection isn’t so much “biased” as it’s subjective.

In the MTV film, accompanied by a book and soundtrack, director Lauren Lazin looks at Tupac’s short, full life from beginning to end and doesn’t avoid the dark times–the arrests, the shootings–but she does tend to emphasize the positive over the negative. More to the point, the narration comes from Tupac himself, smoothly edited from countless interviews, so we’re constantly getting his take on events.

He’s more thoughtful and articulate than his detractors might expect (despite the profanity), but the contradictions remain, making this essential viewing for even the most casual of fans. There is a language warning on this documentary.

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  • This is a great movie, Tupac was one of the great black leaders of our time and it is a shame he passed away. Im glad the spanish version came out so all the of the latin community can see what a kind genuine person Tupac really was.

  • Dee

    one more victim of the black gun culture