Stalin’s Ape Man

In the MonsterQuest episode entitled “Stalin’s Ape Man”, the team takes a look at the reports of half man, half ape creatures in the former Soviet Union. There are reports that Stalin authorized a project to create an ape-man army in the 1920s. A Russian historian claims to have the remains of a descendent from a Bigfoot type creature known as an Abanu. They look at the possibility that Bigfoot and Abanu sightings are a result of an evolutionary throwback condition known as atavism. The MonsterQuest team takes a look at what is behind these stories.

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  • Harold Rottencock

    I was out as soon as I heard the narrator’s American accent. Sorry, but I want to watch documentaries, not 43min movie trailers with dramatic music.

  • Zupa

    Crazy stuff right here…

  • Reader

    The video quality is terrible,why post it?You cant see anything !!!!

  • Neverpearl

    Agreed. Terrible quality and no way to correct it.

  • Link is now apparently terminated. Here’s another one (of many) on the matter