Steve O Demise and Rise

Over one year sober now and fresh off a comeback stint on ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’, Steve-O is set to bare his soul and everything else in ‘Steve-O: Demise and Rise’, a brutally honest one-hour special about his descent into madness and the consequent intervention that saved his life.

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  • Anonymous

    What a retard.

    • fabio

      but a hardcore one!

    • saoirse

      he’s made more people happy, more often, than you ever will

  • Anonymous


  • Ilovestevo

    hes hot

  • Gracie L.

    It’s very difficult to clean up after you’ve sunk so low. I respect him for it. He’s like an old circus sideshow geek. That’s still a real profession and one that many people are proud of. Get off your high horses and give somebody a break.

  • Gracie L.

    Whoever heard of Felcher LADYBOY? Did you make that up along with Squat-Tard?