Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana

In this edition of Hamilton Morris’ “Pharmacopeia‎” vice show, Hamilton and his team pay a visit to the landlocked Kingdom of Swaziland, which is completely surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique and where the growing of Cannabis is still very much illegal. Despite this fact Swaziland boasts the more hectares of land dedicated to growing marijuana than all of India and therefore Hamilton has taken it upon himself to attempt to chemically analyze some of the local strains. Upon his arrival however he discovers a country steeped in political corruption and economic turmoil.

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  • Gerrit-Jan

    Well now I now where I’m going to holiday this year

  • AW Concentrates

    Hire someone with cannabis knowledge to go next time. As sending a moron to investigate something they know nothing of is a waste of our time.

    • Γιὠργος Κοσμοπολἰτης

      My sentiments exactly! Nothing educational about this, other than the fact that the plant grows better in an iron-rich soil.