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A Panorama investigation has uncovered how girls, sometimes as young as 12, are being groomed for prostitution by gangs on the streets of Britain. In what is often a hidden crime, gangs are targeting young girls in a process that starts as adolescent fun but soon leads to abuse, drug addiction and prostitution. The girls are often flattered by the attentions of older boys and like the idea of having an older boyfriend, but the initial friendship can soon turn ugly.

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  • http:[email protected] steve

    Time to draw the line in the sand .Start printing picture’s and name’s in the paper’s and have public form’s to expose the demands.also right your mp’s and address the concern of you and your community .if it was my kid that this was happen to .i would up for life Remember when men were men.

  • Jingleton

    It’s going to snow.

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    • Wesley

      If your website was legitimate and of value you wouldn’t need to try to con people into visiting it by masking its address within your name.

      You really must be desperate to resort to such a crude & pathetic promotional campaign.

  • Necromoph

    I think they should start charging fashion corporals that sexualizing young kids, I am not kidding! I mean this UK gangs groom the young teenage girls for sex with network of boyfriends, alcohol, and drugs; the other is grooming them with perfect body image and sexy clothings.

  • Pissoff

    Fuck sake.
    ”Multi-racial origins”.

    Bullshit. It’s Ragheads and Jungle Bunnies in overwhelming numbers

    Stop with this politically correct bullshit.

    • Fuckoff

      Ignorant bigot

  • Oisdatzo

    the netherlands look very strange on this weather map…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i  was  graet

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