The Arrivals

This series explores the revelations in world religions regarding the arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and the second coming of The Christ.

A work inspired by Hashemsfilms and of course the words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and The Torah. The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truth-seekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.

Preferably watch the Intro, the 50 parts and the Outro to understand. So basically you have to watch from the Intro to the Outro.

According to the authors you can’t just watch 1 or 2 parts and say it doesn’t make sense. You have to watch all of them in order to understand everything.

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  • This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. A “MUST SEE” if you want to know the truth about your life, your counrty, your government and YOUR WORLD!…Its worth watching all the sections in one sitting in order to really grasp what they are trying to tell you… Listen” because OUR real POWER is OUR knowledge!!!!!…i give this series a 10 out of 10!!!

  • Paddy Cullen

    So, as much as I love George Carlin and agree that the American government is full of evil , self-serving men – there are still a few good people who believe in human rights and the eventual betterment of all mankind.

    The makers of this documentary….or should I say , propaganda must be aware that they wouldn’t be able to view this simplistic, paranoid nonesense in their own Islamic countries. So, who is telling who about mind control and the coming Anti-Christ ? How can anyone take these untalented films seriously when they find something sinister in a dream sequence of Disney’s “Dumbo the flying Elephant ” animation from the 1950’s. Please, give me a Break …. you are hurting my brain while I shake my head and wonder what you are writing in ONLY Arabic….no English translation ? Some twisted reasoning for killing the “infidel” before the End of the World is upon us good Moslems ?

    Just remember who the real Barbarians are ….even blowing up their own women and children as they try to eradicate all permissive western society. If these fundamentists ever get real power, they’ll make Hitler and the Nazis look like nice Boy Scouts in lederhossen ( leather shorts ).
    We are basically all the same on this planet : we just want a peaceful life and to happily watch our families’ growth and have a progressive future.
    As Carlin mentioned in his comic monologue, these evil leaders want to keep us separate – believing we are different – then we will be constantly destroying each other instead of them. The makers of this hysteria inducing mockumentary are ALSO trying to separate and instill hatred for others in future extremists. A pathetic propaganda.

    • Al


      you are right killing men, women and children is terrible but when so called muslims do it theyre terrorists and when the west does it its just war….collatoral damage – its all murder to me mate. To me the theres already a take over. were all like sheep believing everything were told. You really think terroists are killing people in the thousands? you really need to stop watching fox news Paddy!!!

      • Hello! My dear Muslims never kill innocent people & they never will.

    • ZMRA

      we always forget or try to ignore our own fault………..because we can’t see our own face without the help of mirror………do u want to see your ( USA ) real face (not show off one )…….u got to see by world opinion….. i believe u know the obvious result…… before BLAME GAME….think twice.thrice…infinite times………u are not talking with ignorant people. First correct yourself ( american ) then come to correct others. You are , only u are the mother of your own sufferings . OPEN YOUR EYES BROTHER….your eyes are closed……OPEN IT….NOW.

  • Jarone

    Dear Paddy Cullen,

    You have clearly been brain washed about the nature and extent of the “threat.” The fear of Islamic Fundamentalism is simply the latest in a long long line of self-created monsters which the Americam government and Amercian people need to justify their actions and bolster their self-image and self-belief.

    You need to get a World experience that extends beyond the lies of media outlets such as Fox News.

    • sevin

      i agree with you…most americans are brainwashed and have no idea what the world is about

  • Mr Weaven

    Wait. A few points need to be raised.
    The Templars were accused of various things by King Philip IV of France because he was in debt to them and didn’t want a standing army he did not control roaming around his kingdom. Not because they were practising Egyptian/Jewish magic. That was never even mentioned.

    And I seem to recall that George Carlin was pretty anti-religious? “You have to stand in awe of the all time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims: Religion.” George Carlin (find the rest on youtube)

    And heraldry is nothing to do with the coming of the anti-christ, look up the history of it. The makers of this doc are seeing shapes in the clouds.

    “For more PROOF of the coming of the anti-christ, stay tuned” None of what is said is proof. Of anything. Prove me wrong.

    “Everything in the universe is energy. This means that: God has created you as energy transmitters” Nope. That’s not what that means at all.

    Cities are not intrinsically negative places.

    I do not feel anything when entering a mosque.

    Also I’m not sure I am going to be convinced by a load of shots of magazine covers, film posters, sinister music, pictures of eyes, pyramids and Dumbo.

    There are many many more problems I have with this but to list it all would take too long. I have better things to do with my time.


    • HHHY

      Thought … yes, that I agree with you.

    • HHHY

      Thought … yes, that I agree with you.

  • Steven lambert

    this is an interesting and excellent documentary, people who critisize it are just ignorrant or maybe an enemy and choose not to believe it for stupid reasons (it says dont believe everything anyway) it gives a clear wake up call to all people and the truth. it explains and gives evidence for everything.

    • HHHY

      “people who critisize it are just ignorrant”

      No they’re not. They are sensible, intelligent and rational.

    • HHHY

      “people who critisize it are just ignorrant”

      No they’re not. They are sensible, intelligent and rational.

  • Talib

    Free DVD “The Arrivals” 8 hour documentary, pls Email: [email protected]

  • Q’ureshidi Al-Tariqq

    This is best film i see in quite along time. Those infidels who do not believe allah will punish with severe. Death be to america its evil people and leaders praise one true god allah.

    • Sigma

      Dear Q’ureshidi Al-Tariqq

      I am Muslim and I hate to break it to you but your closed mind and misguided ideas make us look bad. All it takes is just few ignorant bros to make us look like a bunch of barbarians. I suggest that you go do more research about the religion and what Allah actually said before you go around calling ppl infidels and telling them they outta die. If you’re still confused, feel free to reply to this post and I will be glad to send your some references as long as you quit your “Death to everyone who doesn’t share my beliefs” BullCrap.

  • nazis,cold war,moslems…what is next UFO … ??? !!! and the Zen master said -We will see .

  • javier

    i suspect paddy u didnt watch the whole documentary becuase u are way off in regards to what the movie is about.your a fool becuase when the new world order arrives you will be the first to recieve the mark of the beast because that is what the tv says to do…if its on tv and its in english it must be right…seems like u are craving the return of the 3rd reich…and by your attitude u will get your wish…

  • sheriff

    This was a very good documentary.I’m no conspiracy theorist but I like being open minded,I urge any1 and every1 to see this film,such an eye opener,hollywood would NEVER make such a film,they are the true propaganda machine

  • Rae

    What Happened to videos 22-25?

  • Class

    cheap propaganda movie; yeah, yeah… let’s pray to lord whatever to save us….bulshit mate

  • J Man

    Dear Paddy:
    Unless you are informed and have nothing better to say then ur useless/worthless opinions. I’d suggest you stay off this website. This documentary is for those who can interpret things with an open mind. The truth and positive weights out the false and negative in this video.

  • Shahin

    things were beyond my understanding now i can SEE clearly Alhamdoulilah. 

  • Ginkata

    bullshit documentary

  • Ginkata

    bullshit documentary

  • Ginkata

    Christianity & Islam is one same religion pertaining to one almighty God & how we should live our lives. The only difference is how different people translate its word to the world that makes us kill each other.

  • studentofknowledge

    informative documntery,a lot of the info a already knew,but great non the less(not sure about the creapy sound track,made me want to keep the light on lol)

  • Kiwi man

    As a man with christian beliefs I liked this Muslim made documentary.

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  • Aun Haider

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