The Bermuda Triangle

First part of the video talks about Flight 19, the American aircraft that went missing after flying over the Bermuda triangle. This was just slightly after the end of World War II. Few other cases were also discussed.

Using the lastest technology, these researchers will go down into the bermuda triangle to film and investigate.

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  • Jahsdkhgasbf

    Do more research before releasing a documentary, because the bubble theory is hilarious lol and what about the possibility of pirates ?

  • ASSAkey

     that’s right the bubble experiment has flaws. the ship they used was static. don’t tell me that when the missing ships got hit with the bubbles they stopped. Or that there was a mile wide bubble that drag them down even when they were trying to escape. 

  • Shin_akuma_x

    The Documentary has lots of glitches; the video cuts and skips ahead a few times…

  • Geust

    Love the “American” accents!

    About the bubbles…if a ship hit a bubbly area, the propellers might not be able propel the ship forward.  I wonder if you could see that sort of thing on Google Earth….