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  • Anonym

    One of the best documentaries around. Shame that it hasn’t received more attention it deserves.

  • Asshole

    like it says, now available on bit torrent

  • Asshole

    like it says, now available on bit torrent

  • Agust Kristinssion

    link did not work for me… found the full movie here, still watching so I don’t know if there are any glitches. looks good though

  • Blah

    Definitely one of my favs of all time. Watched the corporation in my business class in freshman year, and i watch it again every year.

    That copy is pretty bad, this one is better:

  • NotSatisfied

    This whole Movie was extremely Biased, i know where they come from, but so much of it was highly dramatized and exaggerated, and almost the first half hour wasn’t even about Corporations or the movie in general.

    • LFODH

      absolutely, corporations are the reason that we have entered the modern age. Almost all of the technology within the film was developed by a corporation. The point should have been more associated with the sneaky back deals that corporations tend to do and by being a large entity they are able to bypass american justice. Not to mention that thanks to the supreme court they now have the ability to purchase politicians for there own interests.

  • pushan

    wonderful movie….everyone in this world should watch it.Capitalism has only given misery,poverty and all the negative things…Oh yeah!!!! It has also given the so called progress ‘Sorry i missed It’!!!Sorry about that my capitalist friends…