The Ku Klux Klan: A Secret Society

Waxing and waning in popularity over the decades, the Klan is the proverbial phoenix, rising from the ashes to gain membership and popularity when it seems to be extinguished. This History Channel documentary chronicles the history of the Klan, from its inception as a political organization trying to cope with the realities of emancipation and the defeat of the South in the Civil War to the modern-day Klan, which continues its legacy of hate and violence under the banner of Americanism and Christianity.

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  • Darren

    LOL at the fat ghosts! 😀

    • riz

      Ha. Hilarious! Nice call!

  • Dan

    Decent documentary. Despite being an American one, it doesn’t repeat things over and over like some do. Never realised the power the KKK once had and never realised what a huge organisation they used to be!

  • Missy

    What a wonderfully tolerant society America is … a veritable utopia.

  • riz

    Hillbillies. Darwin missed this sub-species. What a sad group. Pray for them I guess. Too bad I’m no religious.

  • fuckgreece

    the whites were killing and terrorizing black motherfuckers. Now Niggers are killing and terrorizing White people. Fucking Niggers get more privileges than any other races special treatment and look what they do rob and kill innocent white people! Anything the Niggers touch they destroy!

    • Debbie

      Sighs, I don’t want to even type your name, but I must in order to allow others to see to whom I am replying.


      From your tone and foul language it sounds to me as if you are one of those whom you speak of. I bet for evening entertainment you and your cronies go out and beat up a black person for fun, or set animals on fire.
      What surprises me more than anything else, is that you found this website at all. “Documentary Heaven”. How on earth did you click on the link with the word “Heaven” in it?

      • Debbie

        As a side note, I would like to inform you of your origins as a “White Man”.
        Your hatred is in fact, toward your own ancestors.

        Posted on July 25th, 2007
        Huge data set.

        The debate about the origin of modern humans has been lively. Genetic studies from around the world have consistently found evidence of a single African ancestor. However, analyzing skull dimensions provided mixed results, with some studies arguing for a single origin and others supporting multiple origins of modern humans. So which one is it?

        The debate can finally be put to rest. A new [review=]paper[/review] looked at a large database of skull measurements from around the world and also looked at large genetic databases of samples collected from around the world. The results are very clear; quoting the abstract:

        We find evidence for an African origin, placed somewhere in the central/southern part of the continent, which harbours the highest intra-population diversity in phenotypic measurements. We failed to find evidence for a second origin, and we confirm these results on a large genetic data set.

        • Mark

          Predictable programmed answer.

          Blacks are not the ancestors of whites. Rather, the two groups share a common ancestor.

          The Out of Africa theory implies that the forebears of Euros and Asians evolved significantly after the disapora, since they moved to radically different environments, while those of modern-day Africans evolved little. Therefore, OoA is racist.

          Those who say “we’re all African” would make as much sense in saying “we’re all small tree-dwelling mammals,” since that’s what our ancestors were a few tens of millions of years ago.

          • Mike Horn

            Well, it doesn’t matter. If you think that black people are shit, then you’re shit. Period.

          • Mike Horn

            Well, it doesn’t matter. If you think that black people are shit, then you’re shit. Period.

  • Hahaha “Conda lingus rice sounds like a mexican dish.. white power.”- Dave Chappelle

  • Anonymous

    The ‘klan’ is just a cult like all the fucked up bible cults that fuckin destroy our society.ok you’ve made your point that you don’t like blacks now go and get a fucking life somewhere (oh by the way I’m a white from Ireland and you wouldn’t get off with runnin around wearin a daft fuckin white fancy dress costume here:you’d be fuckin shot)

  • lino

    well, i notice thats the second time, fashists steal a symbol (nazis) so to me that does look that people who join these things, don’t have much inspirations (read brain)

    • TeaBag

      Learn to spell before you post.

  • tracy

    Way to waste a perfectly good bed sheet!

  • Callum

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