The Last Lions of India

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This documentary is about Asiatic lions, which are completely different from African lions in both appearance and behaviour but are thriving in India. Their refuge is the Gir forest in Gujarat, and in the last 100 years their numbers have grown from 20 to over 300.

These lions are now spreading out beyond the protection of the National Park, reclaiming lost territory and colonising new habitats. It’s a rare conservation success story but one that brings new challenges to lions, naturalists and forestry staff.

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  • Endrikh Darkvine

    in the docu they just say the asiatic lion is the same as the now extinct european lion …more likely they had a common ancestor but are not the same.

  • Cman

    Yo, this one’s listed in “Health” but probly should be in biology or environment or animals or sumthin 😀