The Mexican Mormon War

The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney’s Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs.

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  • Phil E. Drifter

    To understand why there are morons in Mexico read its’ because SCOTUS outlawed polygamy, Morons moved to mexico to continue to live polygamously and ‘convert the heathens’ and while they didn’t have much luck converting the heathens, the heathens had luck because when the morons returned to Utah they took weed with them. Weed was summarily outlawed by Utah in 1914, the very first state, anywhere, ever, to outlaw pot.

    Pot’s not even a ‘narcotic’ because it doesn’t put you to sleep. That’s the definition of narcotic, a drug that will put you to sleep.

    • Roy Fingerbanger

      puts me to sleep

  • Choom Gang

    I happen to know a lot about this subject. There are major falsehoods in this video that make it fundamentally stupid. But on the other hand, they did get a lot correct.

    From Utah with love

  • Chupacabra

    Choom Gang is right- this video is generally full of crap. The “reporter”, is actually the most ignorant, biased, dangerously stupid person who appears in this video about drug cartels, polygamists, corrupt government and arms trading. That’s no small feat. Although, if you can manage to somehow ignore or mute everything that spills from his mouth, it’s an entertaining enough watch.

  • Octopus

    The guns all come from “America”…LOL, you are in America right now, Mexico. One of the many countries in the Continent

  • Vuk M

    I have to say VICE “documentaries” are terrible….poorely researched, made and quite sensationalistic… NOT bother with the Balkan ones……absolute crap, inacurrate….as my 2 year old say “poo poo”

  • Amber

    These “documentary” makers know nothing about Mormons…. how embarrassing.

  • William

    @ Amber They are talking about the FLDS, however the FLDS is closer to what Joseph taught than what the Utah church or RLDS teach. Over all I think they did a good job over all.