The Perfect Vagina

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After having watched Penis Size Insecurity By Men, it’s now time to move on to lesson two and have a look at womens insecurities: The Perfect Vagina.

Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty. For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia. Ouch! The labiaplasty business has skyrocketed over the past few years, and Lisa’s mission was to find out why so many women hate the appearance of their vulvas to the point that they’d willingly have pieces of them surgically removed.

Warning: May not be suitable for minors.

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  • Jessica

    I feel bad after watching the documentary, I feel bad because these girls should be proud of themselves, I feel bad because my inner Labia does not hand out at all. I guess I have what people refer to as ‘perfect vagina’ but i feel bad after watching this because now I myself don’t feel normal. I feel like my inner labia SHOULD hang outside the outter-labia like these girls have.
    Just felt like sharing another thing this documentary did. It’s not a bad thing, just another angle for people to look at? Dunno.

  • Jaclyn

    This is ridiculous! I’m not insecure about my vag!

  • Chris

    A good doc with an obviously fantastic message. I felt, however, that it was a little hypocritical for the presenter to not show her bits. In ‘My Penis and I’ (another fantastic doc) I found it one of the most honest things I’d seen when the presenter placed himself in front of the camera. This self-image issue is something that needs to be addressed, and many of us understand this. Marketing and Advertising (of which the porn industry is a major part these days) play such a powerful role in most of our lives that it is completely debilitating, considering we have no idea what ‘normative’ is. We base our conceptions of a norm on advertised criteria, which is only designed to make us consume (including surgery) more.

    Unfortunately, for this comments section: The moment anything related to the body is displayed, for some reason, comments on sites like these become absolutely banal and infantile. Thanks, you who fit this criteria, for proving the internet is for ignorant fools (you can now include me in this) to spout their detritus without having to think (which many of you, I’m sure, don’t need to worry about). Especially those of you who are just reinforcing the patriarchy. Chaffing? Getting hair in your mouth during oral? How self-absorbed and absolutely deluded can you get? Women are not objects that exist to pleasure you. If you chaff, if you get a hair in your mouth, why don’t you look your partner in their eye and try and acknowledge that they are a human being with emotions, hopes, and desires, same as you (and, seeing as they are shaving themselves for you, probably more caring and empathetic than you as well). Moreover, do you think women want to tell you how big you are all the time? Come to terms with your own issues instead of making other people submit entirely to your violence. Fuck you.

  • Stephen

    Man…I will never understand why women put themselves through something like this. If the man your with doesn’t like something about your body…find another man. I would never ever ask a woman to do something like this and I couldn’t be with one that did. You are who you are.

  • Sandy

    I’m glad mine looks like a Asian child’s… I don’t know If I would do that surgery anyway..I think teens are insecure about everything.

  • pussywillow

    I’m quite shocked that no mention or correlation was made with the unnecessary but way too common practice of chopping off male bits -when they are babies and don’t even have any say in the matter! I think that is a way bigger and an infinitely more disturbing issue than grown people getting to make the decision for themselves, male or female.

    I wonder how many people saying “love the genitals you were born with” to females then go and chop off the foreskin of their male babies as if that is perfectly normal?

  • Ben

    A doco really looses a lot of appeal when the presenter is so one sided, a mind already made up and an easily aggravated sense of right and wrong. After talking about a woman who can’t reveal her non virginity status she says “I wonder if we’re in a better position” because of minor surgery. She also accuses a guy of being ‘sexist’ for being blunt and honest about his views on the visual appeal of a vagina, he was open and honest which is what she wanted and because he wasn’t subtle or articulate about it she attacked him, she set it up for a fall because he wasn’t educated. Her agenda really hurts the doco and destroys it’s credibility.

  • the555hit

    Lisa Rogers goes out to confirm that above all priveleges of kitsch femininity the failure of objectivity is queen. When somebody watches a documentary they’re hoping for a little science, unless they’re a conspiracy theorist or political frustrate looking just to see their views promoted.. ahem..

    If being human is about being conscious the proof of consciousness will always be desire and the ability to choose the means to that wish. It is dishonest to try to convince people against their taste that a part of their anatomy should be held as sacred and beyond aesthetic judgement. People are people and each person has his/her associative mental image bank. If someone says they don’t want half a kilo of parma ham hanging out of their crotch why don’t you just allow them their right to their own taste, as it were? If a man finds it uh.. unpalatable, allow him his opinion — he’s had to put up long enough with cock jokes. The prebiased finger-wagging dailymail propagandist choice of language throughout this ‘document’ was more turn off than any quantity of rancid pubic hair and liver could ever have achieved and brought total boredom to what should have been treated unbiasedly as a facinating subject. Lisa appears to be sporting a tattoo. How about a doc on that kind of rampant uglification?

  • the555hit

    Lisa Rogers goes out to confirm that above all priveleges of kitsch femininity the failure of objectivity is queen. When somebody watches a documentary they’re hoping for a little science, unless they’re a conspiracy theorist or political frustrate looking just to see their views promoted.. ahem..

    If being human is about being conscious the proof of consciousness will always be desire and the ability to choose the means to that wish. It is dishonest to try to convince people against their taste that a part of their anatomy should be held as sacred and beyond aesthetic judgement. People are people and each person has his/her associative mental image bank. If someone says they don’t want half a kilo of parma ham hanging out of

  • the555hit

    — hanging out of their crotch why don’t you just allow them their right to their own taste? If a man finds it uh.. unpalatable, can’t he be allowed his opinion ( and we’re talking about men, not a group of adolescent stoners sitting around in the park dreaming of the first time they’re ever going to akshully see one..) — he’s put up long enough with cock jokes hasn’t he? The finger-wagging dailymail propagandist choice of language throughout this ‘document’ was more turn off than any quantity of rancid pubic hair and wild beef could ever have achieved and brought total boredom to what should have been treated unbiasedly as a facinating subject. And all the tortured about ‘putting my fanny where my etc.. perleese what was that –so now the whole schlok doc is about all her lovely stupid white princessy guilt about getting the trim? Did she or didn’t she, we’re all so dying to know. When poor little outraged Lisa isn’t registering shock and and scandalised awe for the camera she appears to be sporting a tattoo, at least in her ‘sassy’ photo. How about a doc on that kind of rampant uglification?

  • Alwyn Dixon

    I don’t know how the surgeon who was injecting Rosie’s labia with anesthetic refrained from saying ‘you’ll only feel a small prick’… This is a brilliant video.. ‘love me love my vagina’ but my life time values have been altered now as I was told ‘stand them on their heads and they’re all sisters’ this is obviously not true…

  • Dan

    To all the ladies, I can speak for 90% of man when I say we love your junk no matter how it looks like.

  • Justin

    I think the main thing I learned from this film was how many different terms brits have for a vag. Crazy.
    Also, I think the only vag I saw that in any way needed some surgery was the one in the picture that the plastic surgeon who examined the narrator used as justification. That one was fucking extreme, but all the others look fine…

  • Tom

    Women are far too superficial! What the painter and decorator didn’t say is that he’d still shag the muff, even if he doesn’t want to lick it, just like women wouldn’t suck a cock they don’t find attractive.
    Rosie’s just an idiot who goes for the wrong men! She’s a right beauty anyway, and I would be more than happy to keep her muff to myself!!!

  • calum

    gutted the main presenter didn’t get her yoni out for us to see, would have been very influential.

  • http://Nil humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,
    It seems that there is no morality in this website of a censorship board to protect the male or female modesty, status, celibacy and chastity by exposing them in this public media in meddling their respective private part, like here in circumcision.

    Professional people should be more respectable and morally practical not to expose their clients in any internet video medias and other medias as well.

    Please know the private and public way of life as the world has dropped her moral values because of one’s high self-esteem and haughtiness in intelligence.

  • http://Nil humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,

    Let it be natura,l as one is being bestowed by Heaven to be as it is. There is no showing off to compete for the best and beautiful vagina in the world. If there is, then there will be an abuse and misuse of this private part.

    Furthermore, there is a religion which mixes with culture to force the males and females at the age of puberty to circumcision. In fact, all religions preach everyone to discard their respective immoralities like, greed, anger, hatred, dishonesty, injustice, adultery, infidelity, unfilial,
    selfishness, jealousy, craving strongly to power, fame and wealth and so on and so forth by building a common trust, respect, understanding with love to share and care together as a One Global Civilised Humankind.

  • http://Nil humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,…

    For millions of years ago the females had no doctors or any surgery to perform and they had lived with their private parts as been born natural.

    GOD or Nature has given every person with their respective body and private parts with a cause which “intelligent” people with a limited mind cannot undersatand. Different people have a slightest difference as according to their affinity. Certain things professional people can only allowed to interfere and not all, but not to be taken as unprofessional business.

    Why do “intelligent” people always go against the law of nature, thus spoiling the land, sea air and now, the outer space through chemical contamination and pollution ? Even oxygen in the air is being reduced tremendously where plants give way to development, whilst all the foods and drinks are filled with chemical preservatives, thus giving rise to various health problems and calling for fast and good profits of surgery. This is where commercial greed rules over human moral values. What a great shame is no more to be felt and seen.

    The root cause is commercial greed where the professional people who are without thinking for the overall future consequences of the innocent people’s lives and also the effect to be fallen on them.

  • Samantha

    I have a blank vid on my side

  • Debra Barefoot

    When you are young and lets face it, inexperienced it is important to seek out opinions before making any life altering choices. Then you can weight your options and make a decision. This operation could possible leave hard scar tissue up and down your scar.
    Plus you may lose feeling in scar tissue. It could heal bumpy and irritate your insides for the rest of your life. Just walking may feel terribly uncomfortable forever. Remember now when people make fun of you it will be because you had it chopped off. Now the men , you so stupidly want to love you will be repulsed by the fact it is chopped off. Terrible what people perceive as beautiful in this Brazilion cut Culture. It looks like to me they want women to look like a baby and that is sick in it self. Get an education , work at something you love. Become your own women. Love God , Great things are sure to follow.
    This operation is like cutting your fingers off….Sorry , girls wake up!!!!!

  • Jay

    Why would women want to have their labia sliced off? It’s the most beautiful part of the female body…next to breasts. Such a shame.

  • http://documentaryheaven kev

    i didn’t see anything wrong with Rosie’s nookie she’s an exceptionally beautiful girl and her bit is just as beautiful. oh i’d love to put that in my mouth , i’d be happy to be with some one like her.
    on a serious note though i think her sister is an asshole and Rosie may have been mislead by what she thought a guy would think , i am sure if any of those guys had seen her bit they’d love it too. those guys were probably giving her a hard time cause they couldn’t find the way to approach her

  • KP

    Done with empathy, rather non-judgmentally.

  • Chris

    I think the film maker missed an extremely important source for information on the labia topic; internet pornography. Young and old alike today not only have great access to internet pornography, but use it as a source of “reliable” information about sex. Everything from appearances to positions to toys to orgasms to BDSM and everything in between. What they don’t realize is that it’s no different than television or movies. It’s for entertainment and revenue generating purposes only. IT’S NOT REAL! any more than the airbrushed, anorexic models in magazines are real. In the world of internet pornography the actresses labia are mostly referred to in only two ways and two subsets. Like your navel, they are referred to as innies and outies. The innies are subordinately referred to as nubile, meaning childlike with no inner labia showing at all, only the outer lips and a tight slit and as a normal innie with minor appearance of small inner lips. Outies are referred to in much the same way, as normal outies with a bit more inner lips showing and as “meaty” pussies. I was surprised at the film makers reaction to her painter’s opinion. How is what he said any different than a man liking redheads or brunettes or blondes or being an ass man or a legs man? It’s just a type that he personally finds attractive and that’s the point that she missed there, I think. There’s a happy couple out there for every type and shape, no matter what, and it’s finding him/her without surgery that presents the challenge. Maybe there should be dating sites which focus on body features for those superficial among us? Getting back to the internet porn thing. My point was that there are sites devoted to every type. There are strictly nubiles sites, which in my personal opinion are for men whose preference more than borders on being pedophiles. There are pretty pussy sites and pink pussy sites which mostly feature normal innies and normal outies. And, there are meaty pussy sites which cater to men who find those attractive. There are also hairy pussy sites and bald pussy sites. Such sites would not be successful, nor even be in business if there weren’t sufficient viewers to make them profitable, which brings me full circle to the fact that there’s a type for everyone and to which anyone might be attracted. For my part, I am upset with Rosie for having her labia trimmed, because she didn’t even have what the porn industry refers to as a meaty pussy. Hers was a normal outie and would have happily been featured on one of the pink pussy or pretty pussy sites. As for me personally, I would not necessarily reject a women because of the shape of her labia/vulva area, but nubiles do tend to creep me out since I do not have any pedophile tendencies and, having some significant experience, my personal preference is for meaty pussies because I find that the extra flesh provides for much more penile stimulation during intercourse, which is never a bad thing. So you see, it’s neither about teasing, nor insecurity, nor genital bigotry. It’s really about finding your special partner who is attracted to you as you are or as you like yourself to be. It’s also about how attraction affects erectile dysfunction. My preferences have a fairly wide range, but they’re not universal. If I were to begin a physical relationship with a new lover and found that she was a nubile type or had all of her hair and was not trimmed down there, I would likely not be able to achieve an erection. And, given my first choice, I’d prefer a nearly, but not totally bald, meaty pussy.

  • Chris

    As for the hymen restoration surgery, I don’t see the controversy there. The women are neither having anything cut off nor added on. they are simply having a thing closed that was once closed by nature and then opened and will again be closed and opened. It’s a normal cycle and there’s no rule about its happening only once in a lifetime, as far as I have heard. How is that any different than having your second ice cream sundae or making love to your second boyfriend. Many experiences in life occur for a second time, why not that. I suspect that there are so many women out there who had an unpleasant “first time” experience, because of the inexperience of their teen boyfriends, or because they were forced or coerced, that they think, “Ugh, why would I want to go thru that again”? Now run that experience through your mind over again but replace the boy with the best lover you ever had and with the 20-20 hindsight of experience. I’d think it would be quite pleasurable and intimate for both of you.

  • Ed

    To all women, honestly. For us it does not matter how it looks like but how it makes you feel. The appearance is irrelevant. We would never turn off a vagina for the way it looks. Painters… come one, for some reason they are doing that no brain job. You look just perfect as you always do!!

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  • potato

    The comment up there making the assertion that women are “too superficial” is fantastically simplistic, blatantly ignorant of the fact that we live in a superficial, market driven society where women are often treated poorly until they sheepishly conform to the current demands of what theier bodies should look like. A cute young girl getting grilled about the shape of her inner labia is an example of this. And the iplications? Who wouldnt be somewhat traumatized by getting grilled about her inner labia in public? Women and men to a lesser extent are forever expected to change and conform to the dumbest ideals when it comes to beauty. They didn’t come up with these insecurities by themelves one day, because they were bored and wanted a complex.

  • Corkscrew

    I really like how the presenter is telling girls that their natural look is beautiful and should not be changed, while her face is caked in make up and she has extremely groomed eyebrows. It’s a little hypocritical if you ask me, I think Louis Theroux’s style of reporting is much more honest and unbiased.

  • A guy without vagina

    “It just doesn’t matter what the vagina looks like…”

    That is so true. It is a vagina for god damn sake!!.. I would be lucky to get a vagina once a week!.. Guys don’t care how your vagina looks like… they just want to enter it!

    Btw, how come we didn’t get to see your vagina?

  • bryan

    I’d like to get in Lisa’s vagina

  • denbenenki

    Yeah, I watched this.
    21:25 Brilliant, just a brilliant idea.
    21:36 YIKES! WTF!?
    Whew!…well, time to get back to dirty political schemes exposed.

  • rayvn03

    People keep asking why this is happening. Well, the porn industry decided that hairless pussies that look like a three year old’s are the only ‘pretty’ pussy, and some men and a lot of women have bought into this, unfortunately.



  • Steph

    Fantastic take on different cultures perception of whats important. I really enjoyed that she stated getting to know and respect her own body made her feel like a woman.

  • John

    This documentary would be much better if Lisa Rogers didn’t make it so much about herself. Often she’s speaking to someone saying something interesting, and she interrupts them to talk about herself. Instead of an all-encompassing examination of how women feel about their vaginas it dwindles into how Lisa feels validated by what others say. Unfortunate.

  • Gena Talia

    “F” all of them. Nearly every new born male has a circumcision without any regard for the health, safety or necessity of this ridiculous brutal procedure.

    Turn about is fair play. A lot of women have grotesque vaginas. Good to know they are fixing that.

    • Swooning Monkey

      I know your comment is old, but there are people out there who cares about male circumcision, also females – and then you have me, my identity is irrelevant lol Here is one example of a blog that is foreskin positive.

  • Reverbe

    As a man, I find this phenomenon absolutely horrifying. Please, don’t mutilate yourselves for the propaganda of superficiality. If a guy rejects you because of what your vagina looks like, he’s nothing more than a pathetic idiot.

  • Kristina

    A big problem is that young boys see women in porn videos or magazines and think that’s how real women look like down there, and then they have sex and see a real vulva and think there is something wrong with the girl. Its not only girls comparing themselves to unrealistic sex idols, but also guys, who may comment or even dump a girl because she has a different lady part.

  • Daniel

    Hi there, my GF has slightly above average sized labia minor and I love it so much! :)

  • aman

    never met a vagina i didn’t like…. an that’s from a real man….

  • Lucy

    It’s so sad watching that young girl have her labia minora cut off.  With a little more sexual experience she likely would have come to realize that that part of her anatomy is one of the MOST sensitive aside from the clitoris.  Now she will miss out on those sensations :(

  • Suzanne

    As a feminist, one thing that bothers me about feminist culture is when culturally ideal female body types are denigrated as not being “real”. Women are constantly going on about “real women” – women who have curves, are a bit heavier, hippier and not super-model-like.  This alienates everyday women who DO look like models because they feel as if they are not real women.  Looking at women in porno magazines and saying their vaginas are “not real” makes women who’s vaginas DO naturally look like that feel as if something is wrong with their bodies, too.

  • Bluerhyn

    I love very large lips. Rose’s were nothing, and why she had a complex is crazy. Very sad that in a perfect word all humans would look a like.. I believe women create thier insecurities by giving women magazineany thought.

  • Guest

    this conservative bitch has no idea what shes talking about. the entire ‘documentary’ was blatantly bias. its easy for her to critisise, a doctor told her she already has a ‘perfect’ vagina.

    i was disgusted watching this her argue entirely off the assumption that all the women who do this are pressured by media, men, or have low self esteem. barely a thought given to choice, personal comfort, pain, or hygiene.

    the instant that surgeon showed her the photo of labia of the teenage girl pre-op, she should have shut the fuck up and gone home.
    women dont need another person on a media platform telling them what they should and shouldnt do with their bodies. fuck her, fuck this ‘documentary’

  • Roy

    I was on a documentary web site and saw the title, ‘The Perfect Vagina.’ I immediately thought, “Is there such a thing?” I didn’t think there was and I had heard that some women didn’t like their vagina, so I decided to check it out.
    Turns out I was right, and I think women who are unsure, might want to watch this documentary. I really feel empathy for women who don’t feel good about themselves for any reason. This documentary was a bit graphic in places, but well worth the time.

  • HeadAngel

    Ya know, I’ll start off with I’m a 17 year old male who’s never had sex but one thing I know is that my favorite erotica author, Sarahh, always makes sure to mention that her flaming red hair matches perfectly in both areas of her body. It’s pretty cute and sexy if you ask me.

  • warcroft

    Lisa Rogers (the host) has incredible eyes! Stunning!

  • warcroft

     And she reminds me of Shepherd (FemShep) from Mass Effect.

  • rowan

    it’s really itchy and scratchy when it grow back for every one concerned .Women are women and are beautiful as they are,there is little need for gilding the lilly.