The Quest For Life

How did life on Earth begin? Is there life beyond our planet? Is there a future for humankind on other planets?

This documentary examines the search for life, from its origins on Earth to possibilities in space. Produced in high definition, the program features interviews with scientists who share their opinions about the possibility of life beyond Earth, and examines the latest developments in astrobiology, one of the hottest fields in science today. The quest for answers takes EXPLORING SPACE to earthly locales ranging from Greenland to the mountains of eastern Mexico, from a French vineyard to a research facility in Japan – as well as deep into outer space. From a trip through space alongside a city-sized meteor to a walk on the surface of Mars with the first crew to explore the Red Planet, spectacular computer-animated imagery creates a viewing experience that will bring audiences as close to space as possible without leaving home.

Earth may be a rare environment uniquely designed for nurturing living organisms, but as humans explore the creation of the planet, the realization grows that the answers to the origins of life may lie beyond earthly bounds.

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  • fuckgreece

    definitely worth a watch.

    • Benken78

      if only only all the countries got together to fund a trip to mars an help build a base there ?because for the people who go to mars it will no longer be about what counrtry your from it will be about being from earth ,an the discoveries could be so far reaching who knows what avenues this may open up?

      • jon

        Cost my friend, astronomical, no pun intended