The Riddle of Antimatter

Explore one of the deepest mysteries about the origin of our universe. According to standard theory, the early moments of the universe were marked by the explosive contact between subatomic particles of opposite charge.

Scientists are now focusing their most powerful technologies on an effort to figure out exactly what happened. Our understanding of cosmic history hangs on the question: how did matter as we know it survive? And what happened to its birth twin, its opposite, a mysterious substance known as antimatter?

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  • Anonymous

    “What in the chaotic birth of time and space, could break nature’s symmetry, and set are universe in motion?”

    God 😉

    • fuckgreece

      If it was that simple. What exactly can you call god? The God Particle heee If you are familiar with the scientific method conclusions are drawn on facts not fiction

      • God is a mistranslated word. The word your looking for is consciousness. How does it exist? Take a point, give it length width and depth, you have space.. link that with another point in space you have a line in time. Look at the possibilities that you could have taken rather than the actions you took and you have a plane in time, follow the pattern and give it depth which really means its cyclical. Now take that as one point, and link it to another. You  may wonder what this point would be.. well we are now sitting in the seventh density where all versions of our possible time field exist. Now try to imagine another possible time field, another universe set off by different conditions than our own “big bang” draw the line, use the choices to make a plane and loop it.. now you are at a fundamental level where literally anything and everything you could ever even try to imagine exists.. THAT is god. The “god particle” does not exist, what, it provides mass? No, sorry, that would be due to vibration.. The higher the frequency, the closer the wavelength and the object becomes more dense which provides mass. We as humans actually live in anti-matter if you think about it. Everything is energy, nothing is an exception to that, so everything is a different prospective of the same thing. We live in “anti-matter” because of the effects of negative separating energy. This is what gives me the illusion that I am separate from you or from the computer. “anti-matter” is fixed in three dimensions of space and fixed always in one point in time. An equal and balanced equation would show three dimensions of time fixed in one point in space. This is Einsteins “Time-Space to Space-Time” equation and also the relation between a particle and a wave. We, living in matter (anti-matter) have made some anti-matter.. and what would that be? Particles of time rather than particles of space. This balance would be perpetuated by a taurus, rotating space into time and time into space. “Dark energy” is really just consciousness self reflecting and building on what it already knows, and “dark matter” is matter that is vibrating on such a high frequancy that it does not emit visible light. A black hole is a dark matter star that bombards whatever is coming into the event horizon with charged particles so much to raise its vibration to become dark matter. It may look like death but its only transformation.

  • Gabriel

    ha yea right. What now there is an antigod?

  • fuckgreece

    wish it was longer 

    • A real person.

      I bet you wish it was longer. Don’t be upset. It’s not about size. IT’s about quality. Just remember that the next time you’re watching ANOTHER porn video you steaming pile of shit. 
      Try living a life without the internet for a few minutes… There is more to it than documentaries and porn. 

      • fuckgreece

        I must have fucked your sister or mother thats why you must be so angry. Yeah you are right their is more to life like fucking your mom give her my regards motherfucker!  

        • Anonymous

          Cute, the virgin is pretending again….  Still feel sorry for you.

      • SKULL

        your a fool. go troll facebook. people come here to learn new things and new ideas, not read childish arguments 

    • SKULL

      why rise to such a dim witted comment? save the dirty talk for your partner please.

    • Gavinreilly2011

      ye me to hate short docs that are good

  • Anonymous

    wish morgan freeman was narrating 

  • Erin

    I’m totally knitting a sweater right now.

    • structure

      Is that a euphamism ?

  • Anonymous

    Good doc but the narrator’s voice/delivery style would put anyone to sleep. Verrrry slow paced doc.

  • cyberfly

    Interesting documentary, terrible sound effects and poorly chosen background music.

  • ysalamiri

    why do u list docu’s here if they are unavailable…

  • Geust

    I reported it as “Broken Documentary”.  We’ll see if it helps.

  • Gavinreilly2011

    my theroy is that in the anti matter world, there is little matter and in the matter world there is little anti matter and thats the way it is aocams razor mattter is more simple than anti matter  

  • sean

    we all know that when link destroyed gannon and the mirror of the twighlight world was shut forever, the particals of anti matter were sealed and our universe was saved