The Trouble With Atheism

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The Trouble with Atheism is an hour-long documentary on atheism, presented by Rod Liddle. It aired on Channel 4 in December 2006. The documentary focuses on criticizing atheism, as well as science, for its perceived similarities to religion, as well as arrogance and intolerance. The programme includes interviews with a number of prominent scientists, including atheists Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne. It also includes an interview with Ellen Johnson, the president of American Atheists.

Liddle begins the documentary by surveying common criticisms of religion, and particularly antireligious arguments based on the prevalence of religious violence. He argues that the “very stupid human craving for certainty and justification”, not religion, is to blame for this violence, and that atheism is becoming just as dogmatic as religion.

In order to support his thesis, Liddle presents numerous examples of actions and words by atheists which he argues are direct parallels of religious attitudes. He characterizes Atkins and Dawkins as “fundamentalist atheists” and “evangelists”.

In response to atheistic appeals to science as a superior method for understanding the world than religion, Liddle argues that science itself is akin to religion: “the problem for atheists is that science may not be as far away from religion as you might imagine”.

He describes Fermilab, a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory focused on particle physics, as a “temple to science”, and characterizes Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as a “sacred text” for atheists.

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  • Vladimir Rakic

    The problem with atheism is that it claims there is no God with absolute certainty, while it ignores scientific evidence on the contrary. They only pick out the parts of science that go along with there view, and then they have the audacity to claim their view is purely scientific.

    Science has always been the study of the observable physical world, it’s regulation on its field of study is clearly only limited in the materialistic, therefore excludes the capabilities to study anything beyond it.

    Even though science has this limitation it still proves mathematically that at least the possibility of existence beyond only the materialistic world is highly plausible. Different dimensions have been speculated to be possible by almost forms of universal theories that came out of the school of physics( theory of relativity, string theory…etc). In fact, if we look at the calculations of black holes we can see a very interesting result. Black holes are theoretical phenomenon in the universe where time and matter collapses on itself, in order to create a sort of vacuum where the calculation states that both time and space are infinite in the other side of this so-called vacuum, which completely suggest the existence of a different dimension with different laws than of our physical world. This is basically what all religions that have survived to this day claim God or Gods to be in, since almost all of them claim they are beyond the physical and that they exist outside the concept of time.

    Although there is no way of proving this to the utmost degree, neither is the perspective of the atheist, and that is why this documentary makes an interesting point. Science, especially through Darwin has created a philosophy of Social Darwinism that goes beyond the scientific truths behind, and turns it into a moral system, almost a religion that has its ground on the concept of survival of the fittest. This is where believing that one race is superior to the other, and competition between brothers stems from, and has created a culture where selfishness is more highly respected than selflessness, and therefore has turned the behavior of humans away from its natural needs of altruism that are contained in all major religions, and replaced it with a competitive view of human interaction and that is why just as the the state and religion should be separated, also spirituality and science need to be separated.

    • Timmuh

      You don’t know what atheism is. Atheism doesn’t pertain to knowledge, but to belief. Atheists NEVER claim there is NO god. You, as a theist, say there is a god and his name is xxx, and i say, as an atheist, I don’t believe you, and won’t believe you until you can provide some evidence to back up your claims. Theism is the assertion that a god is real. Atheism is simply the rejection of that claim until some evidence is presented. Moving on: You write that science is limited to only studying the material world. You, me and all the scientists of the world have absolutely NO knowledge of anything other than the material world, so why assume it exists. Before you assert it, you need to provide evidence for it. Moving, moving on: There is absolutely no relationship between atheism and Darwinism. An atheist can deny evolution and still be an atheist and some atheists do just that. Moreover, evolution does not make the assertion that one race is superior to another, but even if it did, so what? The fact that you and I wouldn’t like it doesn’t make it untrue. In conclusion, it’s not about what is possible it’s about what is probable. And there probably isn’t a god.

      • Vladimirrakic

        First of all I never said I was a theistic, secondly if you belief in the possibility of God your an agnostic, they belief in the possibility of God, while atheist exclude it. And finally, I just showed the possibly from a scientific perspective that the possibility of an existance beyond the material is is possible, but that science is to limited in its scope of study to even take it into consideration.

        • timmuh

          Thanks for getting back to me, but I still have to say no. Atheists do not exclude the possibility that there is a god. They reject the claim that there is a particular god. Atheism pertains to belief in that he/she will say to the theist, “I don’t believe that you have made your case and so I will refrain from believing until you do so.” Agnosticism pertains to knowledge, in that the agnostic is simply saying I don’t know.

  • teahouse.

    Hmm… perhaps Richard Dawkins might be the root of all evil? A scientist – not a theologian, not a philosopher, not anyone with any sociological or religious studies background – AND not one to be making sweeping social statements about religious convictions.

    As both a scientist and Christian, it seems as though we are faced with a choice in life. There is not much material certainty on either side — quite similar what God states in the Bible. But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.’ (Joshua 25:15)

    Good Documentary. 

    • timmuh

      Given that the bible is such an unreliable historical source and in direct conflict with what we know about the natural world, your aforementioned choice is an easy one to make.

      • Seraph

        All historical sources are unreliable.

      • bigbear

        “Given that the bible is such an unreliable historical source” actually you’re wrong since it’s an excellent historical proof, and any scholar will tell you tell that the four canonical gospels were dated back to withing one century of Jesus. And it wasn’t just the Christians that kept accounts of Jesus, but jews and pagans. If you think the bible isn’t good historical proof, look at the thousands and thousands of manuscripts written by the jews and christian forebears that could reconstruct the whole new testament minus 11 versus. In conflict with what we know about the world? “It is absurd for the Evolutionist to complain that it is unthinkable for an admittedly unthinkable God to make everything out of nothing, and then pretend that it is more thinkable that nothing should turn itself into anything.”

        • Nptrtgms20

          Well said.


       But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.’ (Joshua 25:15)
      I fucking hate that verse my mom always uses it as her explanation as to why I have to go to church when I am an atheist. only 6 more months ^.^

      • Nptrtgms20

        There is no such thing as an atheist; while you are at church try to learn something like Romans 1:19-20.

      • Nptrtgms20

        It is 6 months later and now you can go out and really find out what life is about like….. you will never get away from authority…someone will always be telling you what to do…be an employer, the government or other authorities.  You would be wise to listen to them.

    • Nptrtgms20

      There is all kinds of material certainty of God; there is order, complexity and design.  Science tells us kind reproduces after their own kind; life only  comes from life; the life of the flesh is in the blood…the Bible tells us all these things.

  • Reed

    This bloke is totally full of shit. His arguments are un-based and close-minded like most arguments made by creationists.  He really has no idea about the idea of atheism and is guilty of the same bullshit that he uses his unfair editing to draw from the few extremist atheist.  He slowly and clearly outlines why atheist ideas exist then rebuts them by interrupting rudely and throwing his non-fact based crap at his interviewees.

    I was looking for an honest, interesting & intelligent criticism of atheism and this doco failed on all fronts.

    • Seraph

      Or perhaps it hits to close to home for you?

      • Samantha

        no, this really is biased bullshit.

    • Nptrtgms20

      There is no such thing as an atheist…..Romans 1:19-20.

  • Simon Moore

    I have not even begun to watch this documentary and yet I am already witnessing the inane and persistent commentary that seems so inherently tied to internet discussion beneath. Atheist, Monotheist, Polytheist, who gives a fuck, how about just examining the same traditional mundane discussions and arguments with a fresh look and entertaining some new debate that does not fall into the same two sided bullshit? Alas I fear this documentary also falls into the same trap as most of you have. but we shall see! 

  • Ranum

    Haha what a moron! This guy doesn’t even understand basic things like: proving the negative is A LOT more complicated than proving the positive. I hate when people lack the intelligence it takes, to handle documentaries like this one. Like the retarded Ben Stein documentary etc.

  • dont call me atheist

    The ultra-rational wing isn’t doing any good to the rest of us who also don’t believe in a god. They’re just there to have their public appearances an interviews edited so they can be painted as lunatics (which some of them are not far from) and make everyone else who doesn’t believe in a god look like a science-nazi.

    At any rate, even though I do think atheism is turning into a religion to a lot of people (that’s why I say ‘I don’t believe in a god’ instead), this doc is feeble and far from unbiased.

  • Ranum

    Well, that was terrible. How did this man ever win anything…

  • Timo van der Kraan

    Seriously, all this documentary does is say, you are not 100% sure of your case.. so that means we are right. Christians and any other religious persons (apart from Buddhists) are just plain childish and stupid.

  • HAHA

    the big joke is that nobody needs to justify their existence
    not with science, not with religion, not with ideas
    accept your existence and live for everything

    • Nptrtgms20

      Life had to come from somewhere; it did not just magically appear.

  • Glowzomed

    When you say that Athiesm too has blood on its hands because the Soviet Unions Athiest regime killed millions, you’re talking crap…Those millions were killed by an Athiest for reasons not related to religion, or disbelief of religion..A lunatic killing for his own sick reasons…The millions killed by religion have generally been killed for predominantly religious reasons..Therefore your logic is flawed.

  • Samantha

    awww, shit! he’s pulling out the eugenics card. I’m outta here.

  • Gavinlaird1985

    truth is none of us are religious or athiest
    were all dont have a fucking clue ( ist )

  • Nvkeltch

    This guy is a retard. I want to watch it being a open minded person, but i really need facts.

  • Mind-Control

    What a ridiculously boring and unintelligent piece of tripe this documentary is.   Chanel four should be embarrassed.  Don’t waste your time with this.  It’s clearly about the weak-minded narrator’s inner dilemma that he knows he is an atheist but doesn’t want to offend anyone and is trying to come to terms with the fact that creationists around him who he loves and respects (ie. friends and family) can just be wrong.  Just take the leap !!!  It’s freer on the other side.  It doesn’t mean you still can’t love each and every person in the world.  We’re moral too!

  • Hobo

    wow I dont usually post stuff, but wow…….this is bad. This guy is an idiot

  • Atheism

    Interesting subject pathetically tackled in this documentary.  Read the description and do your own research.

  • ReBasEco

    Disappointed. These guys are stuck in a rut and asking the same questions over and over. Everybody is analyzing too narrow a beam. The question seems simple to me, does order rule or does chaos? forget he buzz words like God or supernatural.

    For the record, I believe in higher levels of order. The buzz words “Higher power” connote a higher ‘mind’ which is pure human vanity.

  • jon

    i don’t believe in religion too but this man is making a valid point and you people should respect that, if anything, you are all extremely biased!

  • macca

    Why can’t people just accept that maybe just maybe it’s all pointless, And go about living life to it’s fullest potential. You may go to sleep tonight and never wake up again or you may live for 100 years, Really doesn’t matter if there is a god or there isn’t,There is no guarantees in life. The sun will die out in 5 billion years maybe we will be on other planets by then,Who is to say the universe itself may one day cease to exist and it starts all over again. There is no escape so just live life and respect each others choices without interferring in any way.

  • Paul

    We can’t leave it at that because there isn’t any evidence for it. The time and resources we spend are better put, if human suffering is what we are looking to minimize, somewhere else. It’s foolhardy to make up gods to explain what we do not know rather than just admitting we do not know.

  • rores28

    This documentary is a master’s class in sophistry.

    It is interesting to note that the documentarian’s problem with certitude is directly mirrored in his certitude that neither camp (theist/atheist) should attempt to impose their views of one another.

    Really low rent stuff.

  • rores28

    This is a master’s class in sophistry.

    I find it interesting that the documentarist’s (?) problem with certitude (god/no god) is mirrored in his own certitude of his philosophy, “live and let live. He doesn’t see this because presumably he feels as though he is taking a null position. But of course “inaction” if it can even really be called that is just another type of action. A lack of a position on the issue is in fact a position on the issue.

    Really low rent stuff. There’s something troubling and vaguely nauseating about an adult making a documentary about something of which they have such a superficial understanding. The entire time I wanted to take him aside pat him on the head and say, no no no you have misunderstood what someone means by x, y, z. This is how it works. This would be sad but understandable in most cases, but becomes unacceptable when one is making a documentary on the subject.

  • pov

    we can t understand INFINITY, we are LIMITED. We live in a cause-effect world and there ar things that aren’t rule by those laws… accept that and then you will never be a fanatic anymore because you will know that you don’t have certitudes!!! Remember, the atheist don’t have certitudes, the religious people don’t have certitudes… SO, ALL WE HAVE IS FAITH!!!

  • liz

    Judging from most of the inane comments on this page, I’d say the guy is spot on!

  • Leon

    Hmm… “Atheism too has blood on it’s hands too, the communist revolution killed….” lol, that’s like saying: “Muslim terrorism killed a lot of people, the Spanish Inquisition alone killed x-amound of people.”

    This is so ridiculous, it’s funny to watch.

  • Ram

    How much I wish this guy should have met Christopher Hitchens is unreal

  • alex

    what a fucking morong..stalin and hitlers were athiests but they didnt kill people for the name of athiesem.. they killed people to maintain theire place as the leaders of thier country..they were just sick minded people.

  • http://bb booble

    Hitler not a church-goer but a christian nonetheless, simply chose to limit the church’s power because he wanted domination.

  • Wayne

    I agree that the problem with atheism is because it is an hour long documentary !

  • Etienne

    I think that the most striking inconsistency in this documentary, is that the argument of human nature is used to criticize the…. naturalization of politics, ethics, psychology, religion, etc.
    Basically, it argues that since bigotry (in a broad sense meaning dogmatism) and violence are in human nature (which is a highly controversial statement, scientifically, since there is no evidence of the necessity of mass conflicts and wars), then we should better keep using religions to… prevent violence, instead of replacing it by atheism (rationalism could have been a better and more interesting and accurate term here, since atheism comprises a negative reference to a god).
    So this guy just gives a naturalistic explanation (like evolutionary psychologists do by the way) of bigotry, linking it violence, to explain that the naturalization of religious belief is as dangerous a belief as religion is.
    This is circular and highly unproductive, and I think it would have been more honest, as well as more interesting to compare the grounds of theories (religious and scientific) and the reasons to believe in them. A fair and accurate comparison between the arguments of the origin of species and those of the bible, as well as the relevance of their explanations about nature might have helped (as it helps kids understanding the world, or would have help scientists when they faced inquisition and obscurantism). This documentary, although mobilizing highly emblematic figures of the philosophy of biology, who do their best to answer very naive questions, clearly lacks very basic notions of epistemology, and falls under the category it vainly tries to criticize : dogmatism.

  • Joe

    I watched this all the way through. Not good on any level. It shows that Rod Liddle was determined to stick to his pre conceived ideas and that passed up a number of opportunities to listen to some great thinkers. He also manages to make a number of huge blunders of understanding regarding Darwinism as well as other topics. I say again, BAD on every level.

  • http://NIL humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,

    1st type of Atheist…( False or Fake Atheist )
    is one who uses the word blindly or follow blindly,
    just as to protect or make an excuse of oneself
    for personal gain , egoism , fame , power , greed
    and glamour. It shows that one does not fully understand about nature and spiritual knowledge because one’s potential capacity of one’s mind is less than five percent developed. So the human mind of spiritual knowledge of comprehension
    of God or demi-gods, or even fairies is very, very,
    very limited. This is due to one’s pure-self which is covered
    with the past and present sins.
    This type of atheist may be a hindrance to society
    and may mislead or cause confusion to the innocent ones.

    ** 2nd type of Atheist…( Secular Law Abiding Atheist )
    knows how to behave positively without going against the law but have self-esteemed and is strongly attached to worldly
    material things.
    One may be of curiousity and chasing after illusive
    proofs. But one does things fairly and moderately.
    One’s emotions are not stable. As stated from a
    proverb, “ curiousity kills a cat ”.
    This type of atheist is arrogrant and at times one may isolate from others who are better than oneself or one may think highly knowledgeable of oneself.
    Moderately one does one’s own way.

    ** 3rd type of Atheist…( Moral Practioner Atheist )
    knows how to cultivate one’s inner and outer-self
    morally and practise calmness meditation. These two methods are of paramount importance to oneself because they help to liberate one’s
    pure-self. One has no strong desires for these
    materialistic things. One may isolate from others,
    but does not hate, disturb or cause any harm to others.
    One may be in harmony to society and
    at times volunteer to help the society. No doubt
    that one does not believe in the existence of GOD,
    fairies and devils but one does respect them just
    like to human beings irrespective of races as well as to nature. One does not pollute and contaminate the land, sea and space. One is in line with moral values and nature.
    This type of atheist is better than those religious
    persons whose hearts are empty of love for others
    and always claim one’s religion is the most correct
    and supreme. If one’s thought still remains with an iorta of impurity then one is within the realms of samsara, one of the 31 planes of the “Three Worlds”of reincarnation.

    ** 4th type of Atheist…( Enlightened Atheist )
    A 4th type of Atheist who has gained one’s enlightenment in receiving one’s Universal wisdom
    of ” spiritual knowledge ” which supersedes human
    knowledge of comprehension requires a basic condition to fulfill one’s attainment of this Cosmic Consciousness
    through “Morality” and its Natural Way in calmness meditation
    as well. Inorder to attain this spiritual knowlege one
    needs to fulfill the conditions of self purification in one’s body, mind and soul in practising daily moral values with a compulsory in calmness and stable meditation. They are inseparable.
    There must not be a single impurity of tangible or intangible issue in one’s thought. It should be totally pure to liberate one’s pure-self out of the 31 planes of samsara or the “Three Worlds” of reincarnation.
    This indeed is a true and pure moral cultivator who detaches all worldly desires and can perceive in comprehension of nature and
    the world beyond. Then one becomes a non-atheist.
    Whether one is an atheist, religious, or a non-religious,
    The Supreme Almighty still loves all.
    HE does not discriminate any but is discriminated
    by many. Whether one believes in HIM or not, HE
    still delivers many things for humans, animals.
    sea-creatures and plants to survive through many millions
    years until today. They are air, water, sunlight, cosmic energies,
    sea, air and land creatures, crops, minerals as well as many seen or unseen objects. Only the ignorant, selfish, egoistic, stubborn, greedy and deluded humans are disobeying and destroying what
    HE has given.
    Mankind can only destroy the environment but they cannot replace
    back to her original state.
    Please have a heart of gratitude and Indiscriminate Love to all living and non-living beings, as well as to the Supreme Almighty so as to be classified as a One Civilised Humankind.

    Thank you to all of you for the sharing.
    humbleforest…peace of love at all.

  • http://NIL humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,

    ” Humans and Science ”
    In the material world, any theory must be scientifically proven
    before the theory can be accepted to all. However moral values
    have no such test or evidence.
    Moral values are all based on the natural practice of one-self.
    There is no need for science to prove the TRUTH of Morality.
    Instill the moral values in one-self and inculcate the moral
    practice in one’s soul.

    Do not be confused or too attached to mundane world
    understanding that all theories must be proven or
    scientifically tested. This itself is an action. Anything
    that has action is no more a natural way.

    However, one must never dispute the mundane world
    practice, due to too much dependencies on the forms.
    Without form it will almost impossible for those in the
    mundane world to grasp the idea or theory.
    So, as a true Great Dao cultivator, one must be able
    to differentiate this fact.

    If one looks from Dao’s perspective, sometimes
    certain theories or incidences cannot be proven
    scientifically or with test. These incidences or
    happenings are all due to Nature. Even science
    is still unable to find the reason why such
    incidence occurred.

    So, those in the mundane world will blame
    this is an “Act of God” or “ Force Majoure ”
    Why blame this to God when science is unable
    to explain the phenomena., is this fair ?
    Again all these are due to the cleverness of
    human to blame others. When no one else
    to blame, God is the target. This is the
    understanding and way of practice in
    the mundane world.

    On the contrary, if one looks at this from the
    Great Dao, one will understand that all
    these are due to humans themselves,
    and also the affinities that had been created
    from many life-times ago.

    The difference between mundane world
    understanding and practices are very much
    the opposite of Dao De ( Natural Way ) teaching.

    Dao cultivators must not be too attached to
    material or mundane world beliefs and practices,
    but must realize the difference, so that one is
    not confused.

    God does not do what the mundane world thinks
    and does. God cannot be described. God’s action
    is beyond human’s limited mind of comprehension.
    God provides moral guidelines and values for all,
    but it would be difficult for one to understand if one
    does not believe in God and His Holy advices.

    One must treasure one-self and believe in God with
    full respect and with sincere faith. HE just guides us
    back to gain our original pure-self in seeking our
    once lost eternal Pure-Land or “HOME”.

    All practical research and experiences are later put into
    theoretical facts and figures are considered to be the truth.
    But they are temporary real or truth in the mundane world only.
    Through the experiences of many trials and errors of research
    and development the temporary “proven” result is later put into theory.

  • http://NIL humbleforest

    Dear Global Friends,
    1st type of Religious Person whose teaching contains discrimination, intimidation and oppression on its followers or others is not a true moral religious teaching. It misleads others for one’s selfish benefits in gaining power, prestige and wealth. This is dangerous as this type may create chaos and confusions ( even bloodshed )

    2nd type of Religious Person whose teaching persuades others or its followers with false promises, mystic power, attractive benefits in tangible or intangible issues for its selfish gains is not a true moral religious teaching. This type craves for supernatural power, popularity and wealth.

    3rd type of Religious Person whose teaching does not teach the comprehension and practice of self moral cultivation and calmness meditation in harmonisation of Heaven, Earth and Mankind is not a true religious complete teaching. This teaching may mislead others for one’s personal interest and gains. This may be the mundane world of morality teaching. Temporary in moral practice.

    4th type of Religious Person is whether one is religious or not, does not matter. This is a teaching that advocates the principle of self-realisation to purify oneself in moral values so as to seek one’s original lost eternal “HOME” of pureness. It is a freedom of choice, whereby one is at liberty to choose one’s true religion or no religion. As long as there is a true moral teaching which guides one to regain one’s pure light energy as to liberate one-self from this world of uncontrollable temptations, pleasures and lustful desires in returning and merging with ONENESS of Permanency, then it is the right path. This is where Universal Love and Justice radiates to all. No expectation of rewards or claim credit for anything done. It is natural non-action in pure moral values.
    Praying faithfully to The Merciful Supreme Almighty without showering true love for all mankind does not mean that one is a religious person or a true moral cultivator. Heaven is judging what mankind is doing in moral or immoral.
    Judgement Day will be befallen to those who have abused, misinterpreted and misleading the true teachings of Heaven’s Truth in Moral Values and HIS way of Universal Love and Justice.

    Note :- Human beings can do whatever they like, but in the end they have to answer for their deeds when the messengers of Death come for their call.

  • http://NIL humbleforest

    Religious teachings guide everyone to love, share and care one another with a moral pure heart. They do not teach anyone to hate, discriminate nor to kill one another. They guide us to seek our original lost eternal Pureland.
    It is human beings who tend to be too clever to go against Its moral path, thus fallen into this deluded world as to confuse oneself and others.

    Religion and, You or I ”
    1. Religion teaches us the true moral way of life in moderation, justice peace and harmony with indiscriminate love in sharing and caring one another.
    2. Religion teaches us to have filial piety towards our parents and elders.
    3. Religion teaches us to be humble, polite and respect one another without any discrimination whatsoever.
    4. Religion teaches us not to be greedy, selfish and dishonest.
    5. Religion teaches us not to cheat, pretend and be lazy.
    6. Religion teaches us not to be arrogant by threatening, suppressing, despising or belittling anyone.
    7. Religion teaches us not to commit adultery, infidelity and sexual misconduct by craving for more than one wife unless the one-wife cannot conceive or under infertility.
    8. Religion teaches us to dress moderately well by not be too seductive nor exposing one’s bodily parts.
    9. Religion teaches us not to chase strongly after fame, power and immoral wealth.
    10. Religion teaches us not to be too rigid in one’s moral practices
    Many moral teachings are set for human beings to practise, but it is due to a small group of immoral people who are against Heaven’s Principles in misleading the innocent or the ignorant ones for their selfish interests or gains.
    Freedom are being given to human beings by the Supreme Almighty, but many ingratitude people are abusing and misusing freedom for their personal or selfish gains. Most of the times moralities are being distorted, twisted and misleading by these immoral people.
    Too Dictatorship the innocent people suffer without freedom. Too Democratic or too much freedom the innocent people also suffer because the secular laws are being abused and misused by immoral or greedy people or leaders for their personal profits.
    Therefore, Moderation in walking the moral path leads one to Peace and Harmony to develop into a future of a One Global Civilised Mankind.
    1. Atheist or a Religious person has one’s choice to decide…..
    2. Satan (Demon) or Divinity has one’s choice to merge………. 3. Moral or Immoral is one’s choice to walk………

  • Hullflyer

    Dear Humbleforest, though I appreciate your attempt at spirituality, your response in hogging the comment section is impolite and bed mannered, which puts you in the category of religious fanatic and oddball.

    To the other abusive commentators.

    I personally thought that the documentary asked some very pertinent questions.
    Regardless of one’s beliefs, we should all be aware of the dangers of bigotry and ideological dogmatism.

    Whoever is the most persuasive or coercive group in a society will eventually capture your mind, regardless of how intelligent you are or think you are. Unless you have an extremely strong moral imperative to deny your conditioning, the power of peer pressure will eventually cause you to buckle and do stupid things, like commit horrible inhuman experiments in the name of science or genocide as a result of religious or political dogma as in the Nazi death camps and Stalinist and Maoist purges, which Richard Dawkins admits may be the result when morality based religion is removed.

    Since only about 13% of the world’s population are agnostic or atheist you will have to acknowledge that belief in God is far from dead and it is simply stupid and futile to attempt to deny the human Spirit the need for hope in something bigger than oneself.

  • Fillyfresh

    Well there are a few decent bumbling points here but nothing you cant find out from trawling the comments on videos like this…

  • Heps

    My goodness, I can’t believe the stupidity of this poor fool. The way he ask questions, convinced that he’ll have everyone thinking…”hmmm, he’s really onto something there”. Of course, the truth being, that anyone with the intelligence and capability to think further than a foot in front of their face, are in awe, that someone this stupid gets to be on TV, asking questions the average Joe can answer, with a thinking pause of approx 0.8 seconds. Seriously, what a waste of network money and peoples time.

  • Heps

    @Humbleforest: Are you on the same planet as us?

  • shay

    Fuck this guy. Couldn’t even get 5 min in and I’m neither Christian nor atheist

  • Aaron

    Atheism is a religion!!!!! It has become a religion with this new atheistic dogmatic movement. Dawkins is the head of the atheist church. He’s essentially the “pope” of the atheistic religion.

    Secondly, from my perspective atheism is more dangerous than religion. Why? Because if everyone lost their faith overnight who knows what would happen the next day. maybe CHAOS AND ANARCHY SO TO SPEAK.

    Atheists are delusional. The natural order is to follow god and live closer to nature aka have a natural organic god-given diet, exercise and be at peace.

    • Timgale

       Atheism is simply a subgroup of skepticism with not dogmas or tenets. It is not a worldview or a belief system but the rejection of one. It does not deny that a particular god(s) exists, but instead withholds belief until the theist offers some proof for their yet unsubstantiated beliefs.  

  • Trevor LeFiles

    People say to respect other people’s opinions, I don’t.
    Cause many opinions are wrong ethically, and wrong logically.
    So stop pretending we should respect eachother’s opinions when that’s living a lie.
    Toleranc starts with things in comm on, not things in diverse thought and beliefs.
    Don’t believe the stupid things people say. Test it. Test it til your dead, and I believe (know) you will come out a better man than most people on earth.

  • Beckyv1265

    I think that there are fanatics on both sides of the equation. As an athiest I personaly don’t care what others believe. I am an athiest. I don’t believe in Gods of anykind. I do not practice any religion including athiesm. I think this guy is an ass. He is trying to mock athiest. I think he is the one who is arrogant. I think he is just trying to justify his own belief. This was not an objective vies of athiest but a witch hunt for athiest. Oh well I guess it takes all kinds.

  • Sam

    Is the producer of this film an atheist or religionist? I think there is a sense of bias in this film.

  • Brian

    this guy bring a shame to english accent

  • Bobby

    People who believe that without religion, there would be no war (or hate) are just as misguided as those that believe in God. Religion is just a platform through which the hate/evil of mankind is conveyed.

  • John Smith

    Bias, Bias, Bias. Could not watch much past halfway. Too intolerable. Condescending and clearly has an agenda whilst trying to come across as impartial. Used fringe opinions to back his biased opinion and edited interviews to the same effect. Not recommended.

    Hoped for more from this too.


  • backstreetpoet

    great pains were taken to examine atheist morals but I didn’t hear the same examination of religious morals. IMO the documentary had an agenda in favor of creationism and proceeded to edit toward that conclusion…an incorrect conclusion IMO…bsp

  • Ray J Wilson

    Bad documentary, not impartial so now I believe that faries exist because science cannot prove they don’t

  • CataCova212

    This is the one of the stupidest things i’ve ever seen, don’t waste your time watching it. Seriously.