The True Story of Phil Schneider

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Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military.

During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970′s which would change his whole world reality immediately after.

This documentary explores some of the information Phil Schneider spoke about to the public in the 1990′s by examining each claim in detail with expert opinions from Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Neil Gould and Cynthia Drayer (Phil’s Ex-Wife).

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  • Steel9

    I’d probably believe most of this stuff, but at the end when he’s saying the NWO and the Alien Agenda are one in the same, this contradicts what people like Jim Sparks has said. Jim Sparks, an abductee says that aliens are just using us for our genetic material to make bio-robotic-slaves. So, I can come to the conclusion that one of these people are liars or they both are, IDK. Interesting stuff.

    • Kembo

      u wrong bro, alien is like us, some of them bad, some of them good, like human, they 2 is right i think

      • Kembo

        They are living being, so u figure it out, what they can do to us.. i do belive that some of them are good, they will protect us if this bad alien do the bad think to us

    • anthony

      just another lie people would say anything now and days

  • Godinn

    Right in the beginning he talks about building this “new ” facility and then says the greys were using it for hundreds of years. I don’t believe him because he apologizes for not having too many things even before someone asks. Its a shame. I would like to believe him but he is either a complete fucking nerd wannabe or the worlds worst actor. I am unfortunately leaning to the latter.

    • Cupid Stunt

      watch it again. he said he was building a new facility which was of course above the alien one which had already been there for hundreds of years

  • watch it!!!

    a true gnome. .Guarding .Naturally .Over .Mother .Earth

  • Laura

    The ET’s should be gathering the DNA of the poor Chinese factory workers, not lazy North Americans’! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

    • Cupid Stunt


  • Jane Redd

    Funny how our first reaction is to kill one of these aliens. And we claim we are the civilised beings.

  • Randall

    I don’t believe a damn word of what this clown says except maybe that when he was lowered down into this chamber where he encountered “The Greys” the air was filled with the most foul, putrid odour…I can believe that because this guy’s full of it!!!

  • http://n/a J Foxmen

    I suppose there are malevolent aliens just as there are non-malevolent aliens. I believe the not so malevolent aliens are ones who are aligned with the shadow grubermint who have helped with the technology they have. Maybe you can riddle me why there would be “laws” once written that we are to have NO Contact with ANY extra-terrestial and or their vehicles. Not fibbin here it does exsits, I have read it. Eisenhower was well aware of what had happened with aliens, contact and crashes, even warning to the American people before he left office about the Military Complex and he knew what he meant just could not come out and tell the people. Both good and bad are here.

  • David Howard

    Google “the selective use of polygraphs”

  • Debbie

    I find this documentary to be all over the place. Is it about a man who was attacked by aliens in an underground construction? Is it about the Mayans and their supposed middle earth? Is it about Hitler and his underground bunkers? Is it about the French? Or is this just about underground constructions in general and an alien one thrown in for good measure?

  • H Maltraver

    This guy’s imagination rivals J.K. Rowling, or J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • denbenenki

    whether you believe him or not, you cannot deny the cellphone or iPOD in your pocket. try and prove how those are made and by whom? where do they get the parts? those things have materials I have never seen elsewhere. how is that screen making the picture? i will tell you this–it isnt with pixels

    • Jim

      i dont even

    • Wericdavidson

      Try to prove where a Buick came from, or a table or anything else. Most things come from places that we will never see, so what. As far as the parts in your cell phone, they are familiar to those who work in the develpoment and production of cell phones. Why would you think that you would be familiar with them. This is one of the worst documentaries that I have ever watched.

    • tjw_1959

      How do magnets work?

    • Cupid Stunt

      both my phone and iPod were made by Apple. next question…

  • Dave Marks

    My favorite comments around the ‘net is when other nut cases complain that Phil Schneider stole ideas from their nut-case ideas.

  • Dave Marks

    denbenenki – you’re a technological troglodyte. Sorry– google that last word. I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Randall – How the hell could he smell anything when inside I suit he describes as something so hermetically sealed, it rivals space suits.

    Hey retards– google Lizard People– that’ll keep you busy for a month!

  • fuckgreece

    too many ass wholes trying to cover up what little evidence their is and too many ass wholes like this guy making fake shit up!

  • Christina Ann

    hmmm.. im not sure what to think of this .. part of me wants to go, “wth, i just spent an hour of my life on this ?? ” and then another part, goes “hmmmm” …

    one thing i can say, the guy Phil handing his child a drink, “want a squirt?” ..was probably the best line in the entire film lol

  • DaftAida

    Tempted to revisit Sneidaland but honestly this business of the aliens was never convincing, except when I read Dulce, the Book, and then followed through on that theme, i almost gave it credence.

    Ultimately, what difference would it make if Earth were in the grips of an alien race? The race that it IS in the grip of are alien enough; any humanoid creature lacking empathy and higher empathic reasoning is certainly an alien to humane man and wombman kind. There are the operatives words which disginguish these ‘cold blooded’ ‘blue blooded’ aliens from common humanity.

    Does this alien force use supernatural agencies? Of course, for natural agencies would ensure their destruction. The agency of science, theology, economy, warfare, entrainment, hypnotics and so forth.

    Phil et al are unreliable in that they are most probably and inescably controlled by the same ‘aliens’ to deliver the rhetoric.

    The new religion of alien-nation purports the same tired old religious meme’s of ‘man is not worthy’ and ‘man created of woman’ ‘man born in sin’ together with the honouring of slavery. This is does through disinfo agents extraordinaire NASA and Stichin, by way of the epic of Gilgemesh; proving that mankin was created for slave function. Much as ‘god’ created man to serve ‘him’ and enslave others.

    It is sickening that people still talk about ‘UFO’s’ when none are truly unidentifiable, all are ‘known’ to those with the right clearance at top military level. We know that Tesla kicked the whole thing off in terms of supra technologies utilising the natural matrix of nature. This bunch hi jacked and subverted it all so a ‘ufo’ to the mass is merely old technology to the elites.

    As for crop circles and the like, sure, there are gyro spiro templates and lazers etc well beyond our knowledge base.

    Do these aliens who are identified as Elite Psychopathic Homo Sexual Militias, use supernatural forces to assist their powers? Most certainly as all natural law is inverted. The media entertainment so unavoidable in the daily diet of the mass, serves to suck up and direct immense power from the energy extracted.

  • Reprovo

    They killed him to promote an agenda , not to conceal his words.The truth Is worse than E.Ts and alien greys.The truth Is pitch black.

    • Cupid Stunt


  • Mr.Joshua

    I’m sorry but this shnieder guy is obviuosly pscizophrenic, my family is full of them and he shows all the signs. High IQ goes hand in hand with this disease, I do believe that there are underground bases, for what I don’t know but the whole gunfight with E.T. just sounds like the ravings of a man in dire need of Lithium.

    • Wolvezhowill

      he kinda did have the scars to back up his story.. but as of now I have seen many sighting from where I live and am open to many options to this subject… these sightings are frequent and mysterious. have the whole city on edge..

    • irishpaula

      please use spell check when you are giving your “professional ” opinion. btw, lithium is a mood stabilizer not an anti psychotic.

  • Zack

    if thats all true then why America has not yet gained the powers of Aliens?

  • Sam

    It’s beyond my understanding how anyone can watch this video, see all the evidence, hear all the testimony and still not believe it. Must be some special kind of denial.

    • Cupid Stunt

      lmfao@ “evidence”

  • Neil

    If he went down a shaft and killed 2 aliens in a panic before being zapped and subsequently rescued,,how does he know the rest of the information he comes with..the number of species of alien, name of home fact all the information he supplies..If he says he saw something fair enough..Sounds like a loada bull..

  • Bravo

    One- If it were true, any entitity that had been or is involved would launch a hoax, lies, bullshit program to protect future or ongoing venture.
    Two- If you must gripe about something you know nothing about, use spell check.
    Three- There is more evidence of beings existence than that of non existence – you are unaware of what exist on your world, much less others.

    • kbeard

      Who are you responding to?

    • Kilgore Trout

      “There is more evidence of beings existence than that of non existence”

      This is 1. the most often cited “proof” of aliens by alien groupies, and 2. the most retarded line of “reasoning” I have ever heard in my entire life. Regardless of the subject, you are a complete moron if you seriously argue that lack of evidence disproving something is actually evidence proving it. Anyone who would ever make such a stupid comment is literally one of the stupidest human beings on the face of the Earth. According to such brilliant logic, I am the strongest and smartest person to ever live because you can’t prove I’m not. Seriously, do you even understand how completely insane such “logic” is? I literally can’t even articulate how stupid a person has to be to think like this. “There are aliens living underground because scientists haven’t dug up the entire Earth and proven they aren’t”. You are a joke and an embarrassment to the human race. Yes, I honestly think that. Please don’t have children. PLEASE!

      • blu paws

        Are you always so passive agressive? learn to tolerate people and thir views

  • james

    Open heart surgery

  • kbeard

    There are people who really believe this crap?

    • blu paws

      Yes like u, watching it madam

      • Kilgore Trout

        Oh, I didn’t know if you watched a video it automatically meant you believed every single detail in it. Does that mean you believe 100% of all videos you have ever seen in your life, even when they directly contridict one another? That must make for one f’d up view on the world. Freaking moron…

        • blu paws

          Calm down, hostile because someone disagrees, grow up dear

          • Kilgore Trout

            “Hostile because someone disagrees”? “disagrees”??? Obviously you don’t
            even understand the basic content of my comment. Stop being a retard and
            learn to read. Your comment makes zero sense based on what I wrote. I’m not trying to impress you with my manners. Are you really that idiotic that you actually think I’m trying to get on your good side by insulting you for being a nut!? Yeah, “grow up” and understand that sometimes the truth hurts when it proves you are a pathetic moron. Sorry, but someone who is totally devoid of all reason and logic (unless they are mentally retarded) doesn’t deserve to be treated as an equal. It is the Caucasian tendency to live and let live that allows such harmful world views as Islam to literally threaten the entire world. Maybe if the best of us were more critical of deceitful, insane, and dangerous world views, such things wouldn’t represent a danger to the rest of us.

            Passivity, when directly threatened, is pathetic and self destructive. Liars and con artists like Phil Schneider should be challenged, as well as every person who actually believes in such retarded nonsense without a shred of evidence. You are no doubt the kind of loser and easily manipulated tool who would of drank the Kool Aid and died along with the rest of Heaven’s Gate. Stop being a total moron and “grow up”.

          • blu paws

            Dont bring the race card in, I am white

          • blu paws

            Calm down, don’t waste so much energy on being so passive agressive

        • blu paws

          Wow u spend a lot of time arguing on internet and calling people retard s? your parents Cleaerly dragged you up.

      • kbeard

        Yeah, well, I had never heard of this fellow and after a few minutes I was intrigued by the oddity. I still only managed to get probably 15 minutes into it, and couldn’t take it anymore. I probably should watch it all just to be able to make arguments if the occasion ever arises, but I haven’t really met that many people who are this far out. My grad degree is in clinical psychology, so I’m primarily looking at these folks with this in mind. What sorts of folks believe this? Why? Etc….

    • Kilgore Trout

      Yes, there are many. Believing this kind of retarded nonsense is embarrassing to me as a human being. Absolutely the most pathetic part about people who automatically believe in such lame stories simply because they sound cool is the fact they actually think some nut job standing at a podium making wild claims is “evidence”. These are the people who fell for Hitler and burned scientists alive hundreds of years ago. They truly think they are more “intelligent” and “logic” than the rest of us. The human race, as a whole, is 100x’s more ignorant, stupid, and pathetic than many people realize. There are literally armies of people who proudly kill and rape because someone told them they were “smart” or “superior” or “holy” for doing so. It is the masses of morons led by the occasional insane, yet intelligent, leader that represent the biggest threat to the rest of us. Hitler was a joke if not for the legions of mindless that followed him.

    • Kilgore Trout

      Yep, this belief in aliens is one of the newest and fastest growing religions on Earth. Thousands of people, if not more, really believe aliens created us, caused the Great Flood, and will one day come back to save us from ourselves. All they’ve done is taken the Biblical story of creation and God and just replaced “Jesus/God” with “aliens”. The most pathetic part is that they don’t even realize it and that they don’t understand that the creators of this new religion, Sitchen and Von Daniken, have both been PROVEN as liars and conmen. Probably the most idiotic part of the whole thing is that they are all passionately hateful and aggressive towards Christians. The hypocrisy of the whole thing is that they hijacked Christianity and replace God with aliens and honestly think they are “smart” and “scientifically minded”. These people represent some of the stupidest human beings on the face of the Earth.

      • Dave

        How do you know it’s not the other way around? Replace alien with “God”. There is a lot of evidence for alien life and it makes a lot more sense than Christianity. Religions are the worst thing to happen to man. It’s so ridiculous that people believe that shit. It amazes me that people think that other life forms more advanced than us could be interacting with us are considered crazy but heaven and hell is a real thing

      • Jack

        The belief in aliens? Or the belief that we are or have been visited? Big difference between the two… You would be hard pressed to find a scientist who doesn’t believe aliens exist, quite the opposite….

        Oh you’re a Christian? So you believe the earth is literally 6000 years old and this is the only planet with intelligent life, even though there are more planets in the observable universe than grains of sand on every beach on earth, and all the elements humans are made of (carbon, hydrogen, etc. etc.) are abundant throughout the cosmos…

        Yeah you’re right, those stupid scientists don’t know anything. Forget about that computer you’re using and the ability to send information across the internet. Forget about the fact that we’ve been to the moon and are now sending robots to Mars. Forget about the medicines you take, that iPhone you’re using, fiber optics, and so on. Yeah, that ancient book (that you have no understanding of) written by men is probably what you should base your life on.

  • Alien Atheist

    This is the kind of silliness that makes the subject less appealing….Ridicule is the best deterrence..the subject is very serious and should be taken as such…That having been said, consider this:

    Most people don’t have the ability to prove or disprove this subject matter. Aliens, really? Show me how water is really 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen…until then I don’t really know if it’s true…

    Now, we know water really is put together as such but the vast majority of us simply don’t have access to the tools needed to physically show or verify this molecular truth…We just accept it to be so…

    Likewise, we know that there must be life outside our solar system due to the astronomical numbers involved. Scientists have consensus on this theory at this point. The problem is consensus on the subject of actual visitation is not positive. Scientific proof is unattainable, for now. It’s safe to assume that an interstellar species would be difficult to comprehend….

    But that doesn’t mean they aren’t here, nor does it mean they don’t exist. We just happen to be at a stage in our evolution that is similar to the time when we couldn’t prove the chemical makeup of anything around us…Early man didn’t even know what Chemistry was, but his curiosity led him to discover it…

    As so with the subject of Alien visitation…We just can’t prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, but we do know how old the Universe is. So any species that evolved within that 14 Billion years could presumably be well beyond our infantile understanding of how things work out there….and we wouldn’t even understand how to go about trying to understand them in the first place…

    A thousand….a hundred thousand….even a million years ahead of us in evolution is clearly possible if the universe is really 14 Billion years old

  • catmandoo

    The only thing that gets me thinking there something odd going on is why did someone kill him,if he was just a loon ball then fair enough, but he was murdered? I don’t understand why that had to happen.

  • James Foster

    I served an extended tour of duty in the USAF and have been at Groom Lake several times on assignment, and all of the Tonopah Basin facilities. No one reading this blog will believe me but never the less, there are no massive underground facilities there, no flying saucers, no little aliens gray in color. I have been in every building there. You know the Manhattan Project couldn’t be kept as a total secret. Humans basically can’t keep secrets. You know down deep that if any of this alien agenda was real, cell phone video and photos would abound from those seeking their 15 min. of fame. The monetary gains for handing over undeniable proof of aliens would be so great as to tempt at least 10% of the Edward Snowden’s out there holding clearances. When you look at distractions like this and Planet X, Atlantis, cities on the dark side of the moon, fake moon landings, and even big foot, don’t you ever wonder why? Why does man have to come up with these stories? What really should concern you is the drugs taking over our population, both legal and illegal. A workforce that only has 67% participation. The dumbing down of a Nation, letting our education system slip to where in the future the USA will be laughed at by China, Japan, even the Middle East. You should worry about unlawful acts by your elected government stealing your rights of liberty and freedom. Smart, good people want nothing to do with politics. It use to be a saying that those who can do, do. And those who cannot teach. I say now that those who can do, do. And those who cannot run for office. Overall this conspiracy stuff is a distraction from getting on with your life and living it to your fullest potential. From being happy and content watching your children grow and become productive. Having grand children and share joy in the mystery of life. Worshiping what ever deity you choose or to abstain from altogether. As a human living out a normal lifespan of say 70 years, you have 25,550 days to live on this Earth. Really only about 17,033 days when you subtract your 8,516 days of sleep. Now subtract say 21 years of the start of your life and education, you are left with a whopping 9,368 days to make your mark on life. Will you set and play video games on your TV or internet, watch every Zombie movie or show that comes along? Or will you get out there an enjoy your life? You get one, no reset buttons. Your days left should be more precious to you than any amount of money or fame, of which both are fleeting. View people who would steal your precious time as thieves, which they are. I am only using this forum as a passerby, aged and near my last days. And yes this is my real name.

    • julia

      Thank you, James, for an intelligent and insightful piece of writing. May your final days be blessed.

    • Tish

      why would I believe you vs the many retired Captains, Generals etc etc that have stated the government is is possession of alien vehicles..First off..the facility is compartmentalized, so unless you have a reason to view the vehicles…your not going to see them…and also..who’s to say they are still there…they are probably not there at this stage of the game. Do you have an all season pass to Wright-Patterson ? or

    • the_rebel_lion

      If you didn’t see anything unusual, it’s because they DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE ANYTHING!! “The Truth Is Out There”, but people like yourself will never see it largely because you don’t want to see it…

    • Jack

      Dude… learn about paragraphs.

      Every person that has ever worked at or been at Groom Lake says the same thing, that it is entirely need-to-know and compartmentalized, meaning you only enter buildings or areas that you NEED to, to complete your duties. So what you are basically telling us is that you held every possible job and have every possible expertise, that’s the only way you would have been in every building and every part of Groom Lake.

      And I personally don’t even believe we’ve been visited by aliens, but I also don’t like lying, and your claims smell like shit to me…