The Ultimate Con

The Ultimate Con is a 9/11 based documentary with no narration, no script, no conjecture. There are no “theories” put forth in this documentary, only facts, eyewitness testimony, news reports, interviews, and various other clips that are combined together to tell a story. The Ultimate Con is 100% free. It is not for sale in any retail outlet or book store anywhere. It is more important to get the word out to every single person possible while we still have the chance.

This documentary is the very best documentary for people who are unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding 9/11, or people teetering on the edge of finding out the truth. The documentary was designed specially for those who still believe the “Official” story, to best wake them up using various media and news clips. I created The Ultimate Con documentary to help wake up fellow Americans and people from around the globe to the lies that we have been told about that fateful day. I created The Ultimate Con for the victims, the victim’s families, the soldiers, and the various other innocent people who have become the victims of the wrath set forth by America’s military industrial complex.

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  • jake

    Garbage, dont waste your time…

    • Who cares?

      Hey JakeASS open your ears, your both eyes and shut your F.. mouth….

      • leavethismoviealone

        why do you insist that everyone share exactly the same opinion as you about the many questionable events that took place on this horrible day. You crave validation so much that your going to scream and rage at a stranger?

  • angelika

    this is all bullshit.

  • Elvis.P

    the plane doesnt fit in the hole at 10 mph but at 500 mph it does fit in…

    • Anonymous

      At 500mph an aircraft wing makes no impact? Nice physics.

    • Anonymous

      At 500mph an aircraft wing makes no impact? Nice physics.

  • poor quality but great video… lots of unedited footage. if you can watch this whole thing and still not admit that something is wrong with the official story, then you have serious problems with cognition and might have been lobotomized recently.

  • Asshole

    the shitty music makes it impossible to watch, soundtrack from “legend of zelda”

  • Asshole

    the shitty music makes it impossible to watch, soundtrack from “legend of zelda”


    thank you  more truth is what we need , the people who dont care or say rude things are apart of the system that supports these lies .   this is an obvious  truth  and again thank you 

  • Is there anybody in the USA prominent, strong, honest enough to grab these criminal neo-cons and Obama -cons too by the the throat and make them face the music of the real truth?

    • leavethismoviealone

      do you even know who you are mad at?

  • stop..crying..usa,,…

  • shakermaker

    I wonder when the people of the states and world will get the answers to the questions. We need to stand up for our rights. Thanks for the video!

  • leavethismoviealone

    oooh created by “lucus” well this must be true if Lucus made it!!!!!!

  • thisisfunny

    Thank God they showed Charlie Sheen’s views on this national tragedy… I don’t think any of us knew how to feel about it until we heard his opinion…. now I can sleep at night…..what garbage!

  • Ocarina of Time

    Fuck you, song of storms is my favourite song!

  • Søren Dahse

    Suddenly bob Marley starts playing!?!

  • Akbar Ahmed

    Individual opinions (even those of well known people)should not have any significance other than the factual basis, if there is any, of those opinions or arguments.