The Untold History of the German Space Pioneers

The untold history of what made the greatest mission of mankind, the journey to the moon, possible. In the midst of the greatest crisis in known history, it is only with a future orientation geared around increasing our power in the universe that we can save civilization.

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  • realy very interesting informations.i also heard about the serbias(yougoslavias) secret space program.

  • Mother Dawg

    I’m sorry… on what planet are you guys from ?
    From Aristotle and Ptolemy you jump to Kepler !!!
    What happened to to the 15~18 hundred years in between ???
    Kepler is absolutely awesome but the heliocentric system was not his work.
    The mathematics of it yes but heliocentrism is the product of Copernicus.

    More weird, you start with J.F. Kennedy speech, the little lady seems to stand in an American museum but never mention that the first liquid fuel rocket was launched IN the USA by an American scientist: Robert H. Goddard.
    Furthermore, Oberth did not invent rockets, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky did.


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    Turn off after 2 minutes because of the irritating & wooden presenter.