The Trouble With Evan

This Fifth Estate documentary was filmed in 1994 and is about a troubled 11 year old called Evan and his family. His parents agreed to have video cameras installed in their home for a 3 month period which resulted in recording Evan’s emotional abuse.

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  • pwndecaf

    A petri dish and a test tube would make better parents than these two. Pathetic. No trouble with Evan – trouble FOR Evan.

  • EMH

    These parents are horrifically emotionally abusive to this poor kid.

  • —–

    The trouble with having parents less intelligent than the child — is a more suitable title.
    Anyone who has suffered similar parenting, should seek therapy and perhaps look into “Stefan Molyneux” on youtube.

    • Pilko

      Therapy? Absolutely. Stefan Molyneux however is an emotionally manipulative cult leader whom vulnerable people should not be directed to.

  • peterpieman

    Narrated by a robot?

    • Jacquiline

      Haha I can’t stop laughing at your comment

  • mama

    I really hope he was removed from their care after this! It’s disgusting.

  • shane

    these parents should be brought in to a field and shot

  • Nick

    This was exactly how my childhood was. I now have severe depression, BPD and slip into despondent states. I have tried to kill myself several times. I am incredibly unhappy. FUCK THOSE PARENTS. AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD CAN NOT BE LOCKED OUT A HOUSE OR NOT FEED. THAT IS CHILD ABUSE, FUCKING CREEPS. Treat an eleven year old like a child, not an emotional punching bag.

  • L


    • lupe

      Couldn’t they blur the faces?? I was 1994 not 1894. lol

  • CNotez

    This is horrific.

  • nurse99

    Take this child and his sister into care. Charge these parents! This mother has no excuse for not protecting her children. For shame.

    • Kilgore Trout

      Stop being a retard. There are literally tens of milions of kids around the world that have it worse off than Evan and yet aren’t evil little devils. While I think these parents are pieces of human trash, their behavior is NOT solely responsible for Evan’s actions.There is clearly something more going on with him.

      • M.

        You’re grossly misinformed……and if you’re truly a nurse, God help us!

      • moonmad

        Where do you nurse? it should be avoided at all costs.

      • Jenn

        He was a fucking kid, acting out the only way he knew how. Yes, there are tens of millions of kids that have it worse of then Evan, but that doesn’t mean we, as a society, should ever condone neglect, verbal abuse or torment. He was acting out because he was not receiving what he needed at home. I bet you sympathize with the parents and cannot accept personal responsibility for your own actions in your sad life…so you blame the kid. Disgusting.

  • Brett Anderson

    Its 10 years later, wonder how Evan is doing today.

    • Joe

      He is dead. He killed two people before he died escaping from police.

      • Brett Anderson

        Oh thanks for posting that. Is it the same guy though? The report kept saying that he was really close to his lawyer father, which doesn’t sound like the father in the documentary. It also says Evan died at age 28, but he should have been 32 by now. ( I got my math wrong in my original comment, it’s been 20 years since the film not 10)

        • snaruh

          No its not the same Evan. Trouble With Evan took place in Canada. Also That Evan would be 29 today, whereas Evan in 1994 was 11, so he would be at 31.

          • Finn McWin

            Evans parents were named Karin and Michael, and he was from Hamilton, Ontario. Not the same Evan

      • Stephanie Morgan

        The man in the picture is that Evan’s bio father. The Evan in the doc never met his father.

      • Jenn

        Not the same story. Evan was from Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA.

  • Brendon

    if you don’t think that verbal abuse causes extreme behaviours please go and inform yourself.

  • Brendon

    Its called Attachment Disorder

  • Harry Mann

    I have seen this kind of thing play out in the life of a kid I met, the kind and sensitive son of a former friend. As the father behaved in a highly emotionally charged and illogical manner, and a threatening one at that, the kid’s performance and behavior in school fell off. His father viewed him as a threat and adversary, though, and was only too glad to pack him off.
    I have also lived next to an absolutely abusive neighbor, a middle aged woman who mentally and emotionally tormented the two very young children she was in custody of. I put a stop to it by stopping by, talking to her in an even tone, while offering the family half of a cake that I had just purchased. She was very frozen in her manner and could barely speak, but she got the message that I was aware of what was going on and she chilled the f out.

  • moonmad

    I don’t know which of the two is the more disgusting mess, the mother or the father. I would not be surprised if that kid is in prison.