The Trouble With Evan

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This Fifth Estate documentary was filmed in 1994 and is about a troubled 11 year old called Evan and his family. His parents agreed to have video cameras installed in their home for a 3 month period which resulted in recording Evan’s emotional abuse.

The Trouble With Evan, 6.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  • pwndecaf

    A petri dish and a test tube would make better parents than these two. Pathetic. No trouble with Evan – trouble FOR Evan.

  • EMH

    These parents are horrifically emotionally abusive to this poor kid.

  • —–

    The trouble with having parents less intelligent than the child — is a more suitable title.
    Anyone who has suffered similar parenting, should seek therapy and perhaps look into “Stefan Molyneux” on youtube.

  • peterpieman

    Narrated by a robot?

    • Jacquiline

      Haha I can’t stop laughing at your comment

  • mama

    I really hope he was removed from their care after this! It’s disgusting.

  • shane

    these parents should be brought in to a field and shot

  • Nick

    This was exactly how my childhood was. I now have severe depression, BPD and slip into despondent states. I have tried to kill myself several times. I am incredibly unhappy. FUCK THOSE PARENTS. AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD CAN NOT BE LOCKED OUT A HOUSE OR NOT FEED. THAT IS CHILD ABUSE, FUCKING CREEPS. Treat an eleven year old like a child, not an emotional punching bag.

  • L


  • CNotez

    This is horrific.

  • nurse99

    Take this child and his sister into care. Charge these parents! This mother has no excuse for not protecting her children. For shame.