Uganda’s Silent War

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Shocking documentary about child soldiers in Uganda, Africa. Winner of the Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award, in HD.

Child abuse. Rape. Torture. Abduction. Death. They are the very stuff of nightmares. In Northern Uganda, though, they are not the groundless fears of imaginative children. Here the nightmare is real.

Every night, 7 and 8 years old kids can be abducted by rebel soldiers. Once taken, the little boys may be forced to fight, burn their village houses and even kill their own parents or siblings. The little girls may be raped and forced to serve as “wives” to the rebels until they die or escape.

Even if they make it back to freedom, though, the girls must battle their psychological and physical damage, and may well be infected with AIDS. If the boys escape, they must battle their memories: a mixture of fear and, even worse, unspeakable guilt at the atrocities they participated in.

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