Undercover Care

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This disturbing BBC Panorama special investigates the horrific abuse suffered by severely disabled and vulnerable patients at the Winterbourne View private hospital in Bristol, UK. This documentary is presented by Paul Kenyon.

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  • Sad

    One of the saddest documentaries I’ve ever seen. I’m a nurse, and I understand that people can get frustrating at times, but it is MY duty to provide the best care possible. If you don’t enjoy your work, get out of it. I hope these “caregivers”, are incarcerated for these evil wrong doings. Where is the humanity? Sad, very SAD!!!! Justice for Simon and Simone, and all the other patients. My prayers go out to all of you.

  • borgred

    let us not forget this is happening all over this country and at old peoples care homes to, more under cover work needed lets get them all shut down so were left with the real carers and good homes,this is privatisation in action,has for that muppet trying to apolagise about his companys failings he needs stringing up the top men obviousley know whats going on in most cases but like to pass the buck.
    hope this doc realy has woke poeple up to the truth and helps all our vunerable people,one very angry viewer

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruchidustin Ruchi Dustin-Paige Clark

    Go human race and we say we have progressed i feel we have totally regressed

  • V

    They should go to jail…suspension is not enough…. :(

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  • Shafeeq Farali

    good on BBC for doing this undercover. the staffs of the organization should be jailed! its such a sad thing to even be witnessed. im disgusted. i work in an adolescent psychiatric unit as a psych nurse.. kids would push ur button in every way they could possibly do, but its up to u to treat them with care and respect.

  • http://instagram.com/sargardiner sarah

    disgusting behaviour! reality is though it happens way too much in health care systems throughout the world; just can’t comprehend why these people are actually working in these jobs when the passion for helping people isn’t there. THIS ABUSE NEEDS TO STOP

  • julianne

    se på dette,,,,,,,

  • SuggestionBox

    The newest trend just as fast as a wild fire and as powerful as religion…. to be cold, to be heartless, to hate? Could we get that lucky “a trend” and that it will fade…The cycle is real what the fuck is wrong with people…The pieces of shit who inflict this are disgusting wastes of human life, then you think about the people the superiors, the anyone who can stomach it enough to sit and watch….takes it all to a much deeper, darker, evil…level… They say once you hit rock bottom the only way left to go is UP… At what point will we human beings hit bottom? Behavior such as displayed by the staff the abuse and lying “she did it to herself” can not be limited to just “when working” Do you wonder if these people have children of their own, the horror they must endure, and the effects on that child or children or the child’s attempt to cope or rebel giving abusers what they see as a justified excuse to hand out some more abuse and don’t forget the cycle… People do so much out of fear, or rather nothing at all and why the fuck don’t more want to know why