Waste = Food

As part of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel presents a series of documentary films focusing on timely and pressing environmental issues of the day.

Every day natural resources are being rapidly depleted, while production and consumption rise in nations like China and India. In response to this crisis, a new philosophy promoting a non-toxic or recyclable destiny for all man-made products has triggered a new industrial revolution among designers and manufacturers. Rob van Hattum’s award-winning documentary explores how companies such as Nike, Herman Miller and Ford are experimenting with completely clean and sustainable production methods and products following the concept that “waste=food.”

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  • bringmeredwine

    This doc presents some very interesting concepts.
    I wish every manufacturer would watch this and take action NOW!

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  • Mike

    Very informative and interesting.

  • Bill Kennedy

    Weird, I don’t see those nike shoes anywhere.