Water, The Great Mystery

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“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Water makes most of earths surface and most of our human bodies … but do we really know the secrets of this amazing element.

From agriculture, to factories and hydropower, we put water to work in a million different ways every day. And yet water acts outside all known physical laws of nature.

At a time of global climate change, understanding the mysteries of water is critical. Every living thing needs it to survive … Our ignorance of its function and capacities has lead us to abuse its quality and forget its potential. Witness WATER’s capacity and challenge historical assumptions. Unveil enlightened information and new scientific discoveries that create new possibilities for water’s use in every field of endeavor.

These new discoveries go beyond human reckoning – beyond the solar systems and galaxies to the Source of life itself..

Featuring breathtaking discoveries by researchers worldwide including Masaru Emoto from “What the Bleep Do We Know” …

“Just as with the film “What The Bleep Do We Know” , “Water” shows us through science that our thoughts have an effect on our external reality. Imagine the possibilities when people realize their own potential for creativity. Films like this give me hope that there is an emergence of collective intelligence that can solve the problems of the world.”

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  • Aaron Eichelberger

    “As [water] records new information, it receives new properties…” This quote should be enough to dispel any sure-to-be disappointed viewer.

  • Dawid Nowak

    broken video – deleted and doesn’t work

  • electrode

    water is not an “element”

    • josephcarrilho

      You are correct “electrode” and I think this is a ‘waste of time’ video. There are many other
      worthless videos on this site & many which are ‘blocked’ or simply do not work.

  • nimrod

    Full of erroneous and idiotic statements from beginning to end.

    • Nimrod, son of cush.


  • generalchaos

    Water – “the most common substance on Earth”? Surely it’s Iron? Water – an element? “The only such planet in the Universe”? All that in the first minute.

    “Who bestowed water upon us?” Do I sense religious undertones? Or perhaps pseudo science. Either way I’m out.