We Are The Aliens

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Broadcast 14 November 2006.

Clouds of alien life forms are sweeping through outer space and infecting planets with life – it may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

The idea that life on Earth came from another planet has been around as a modern scientific theory since the 1960s when it was proposed by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. At the time they were ridiculed for their idea – known as panspermia. But now, with growing evidence, it’s back in vogue and even being studied by NASA.

We meet the scientists on a mission to get to the bottom of the beginnings of life on Earth – from the team in Texas who are lovingly building a robotic submarine called DEPTHX to explore a moon of Jupiter, to Southern India where they are investigating a mysterious red rain which fell for two months in 2001.

According to local scientist Godfrey Louis, the rain contains biological cells unlike any he had seen before – with no DNA and the ability to replicate at 300°C. Louis has come to the conclusion that the cells are extra-terrestrial in origin. Could all this really be proof that We are the aliens?

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  • SiNSiC

    … Religions start Wars ! Why a God needs a story ? Why yours or mine needs to be true ? We are conscious and alive right here and now … Why God needs a form ? Why cant this entire Universe we exist be your God? Because you want to believe you own Him as much as He does and for that reason some others own you ! People are easy to manipulate ! 

  • the Laughing Tuna

    I love the part when the narrator says, “He spoke to one of the witnesses,” and the video was showing the cat.

  • Roaming

    Do you ever believe that crap about africans who roamed the earth went to north america started wearing coats and became white? the black slaves were shuttled to america more than a hundred years ago and they never turned white. why is it that white people are generally more good looking are wealthy? and why is it that most innovations and big corporations today are from the U.S. It st the white people who are descendants of aliens or mixed with them. This is my new documentary idea

    • Dieter Vrancken

      Are you retarded?