Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution

For two years CNN has reported from the frontline’s of a battle between those who say Marijuana saved their lives, the doctors that want to prove it and federal agencies that have persisted on standing in the way, at stake is the ability to use this plant as a regulated prescription drug. Some say it’s the only thing that works for treating them, from PTSD, chronic pain and alzheimer’s, it appears we are in the midst of Marijuana Revolution and the tide may be finally turning as Scientists and politicians alike are posed to prove Marijuana can change lives for the better.

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  • peterpieman

    For ptsd? Pfft, fuck off!

    • finc

      Why is this so hard to believe?

      • Lovehides

        The majority of mainstream do not know the medicinal history of Cannabis, it they did then they would understand, also they need to learn that they discovered more than 10 years ago that we humans have an Endocannabinoid system or receptors one in our brain and one in our body, just like any other systems in the human body, endoctrine system or nervoud system etc. I believe if more people are educated on such an old plant and its benefits, for ex: most people still refer to only the THC compound, well there is a 2nd compound CBD’s which is the medicinal compound that heals and treats disease and illnesses without the psychoactive ingredient. So learn everyone there are lots of research being done in looking at benefits rather than negative. Namaste