What Are We Capable Of?

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From the author:

It is clear there is something very wrong in this world… And the

people have agreed. We present to you, “The Plan”:

“The Plan”: One Year. Three Phases. A World of Change.

This Plan will commence on the 15th of June, 2011 and continue for

approximately one year, in the course of three separate phases.

Phase One begins now.

In this time, you are encouraged to educate yourselves on the

injustices in this world.

Seek out iterations of freedom and human rights.

Become familiar with the corruption within your system.

Discover the enemy of true freedom.

Discover the oppressors.

The most important step of Phase One is to spread this message by

sharing this video and those that preceded it.

Make your own films or videos, artwork, music, literature – resonate

the voice of freedom and justice through your own creativity and bring

others to this movement.

As of this 15th day of June 2011, we are pleased to bring to you the

beginnings of a web platform, for us all to meet and converse; to

share ideas and recommendations over the course of the next year and

the Three Phases, that will be unfolding:


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