WWII From Space

It is December 7th 1941 and WWII is entering its 27th month. Japanese troops storm Shanghai, German armies stand at the gates of Moscow causing 6 and a half million casualties, and Nazi Germany has mainland Europe in it’s grip with Britain hanging on by a thread. America is still at peace. All of a sudden that peace is shattered when unprovoked Japanese war planes descend on Pearl Harbour bringing WWII to America. In this stunning documentary we get to view the greatest battle of all time in a way we’ve never been able to before. From the view of a satellite in space and with video re-creations of the battles fought, the experience of WWII is seen with a new depth. We get to see as key battles unfold, the military strategies behind them, political alliances, the global battle for resources, and the awakening of the American military.

Following the shocking attack on Pearl Harbour, Japan gains power and in a world where your two options are glory or decline, Japan chooses glory through war. They wanted to make that imperative first strike. WWII is given fresh perspective in WWII From Space. Viewers get drawn into history and see why certain moments were so crucial. In all, WWII is the deadliest conflict in history. Up to 78 million people died and 67% of them were civilians. If you ask who won the war it is difficult to say. The Soviet Union put the most blood into the battle but certainly America came out in the most advantageous position. From the 17th most powerful military force in the world to the 1st in 6 years, America continues to lead the world. It commands half of the world’s manufacturing and has control over two thirds of the gold stocks globally. America launches paths towards globalization in the way it wants. However, isolation is gone forever. WWII stripped it of any chance they had of that; America will always be involved in the rest of the world now.

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  • peterpieman

    So Lame. Just about when the US enters the war. Talk about egocentric.

  • RainParade

    Why does history channel exist? To remind amaricans that USA is #1…

    History is made by the winners dont you know, and america won. God what a bunch of self absorbed neocons they are (history channel not americans)

  • Calvin

    To peterpieman and RainParade, i’m the first person to criticise American’s over these things but this docu was pretty honest if you bothered to watch it through, it talks about how America left Britain high and dry for ages and how they lost battles they had every advantage to win, might be an American documentary but it doesnt seem very biased towards Americans imo

  • Chris

    No mention of Canadian causalities? It was an excellent Doc but should have included ALL countries involved not just the most prevalent ones…We should all remember it was a World War and affected us all, to keep pointing out in an indirect way that that one country did more than anyone else is so sad and uncalled for.

  • mel

    Link broken – youtube removed content.