Young Kids, Hard Time

Young Kids, Hard Time is an American MSNBC TV show which premiered November 20th 2011. The show is about children age 12 to 17 incarcerated as adults in the American prison system. These children have all been tried as an adult. The United States is among only a few countries in the world where children can be tried as adults. The show was shot at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility and the YIA (Youth Incarcerated As Adults) unit of the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Indiana. The crimes portrayed range from theft to parricide.

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  • this country is sooo messed up when it comes to its laws and ideals. Lets see, a person under the age of 17 is too young to decide who to have sexual relations with but no matter what the age they are able to comprehend the consequences of crime. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS USA!!!!! Either everyone of a certain age is an adult or they’re not. Not “it depends on the situation.” That’s bullshit. Now that we have prisons for profit NOTHING WILL GET BETTER ANYWAY

    • “this country is sooo messed up’ and the whole world ,my friend….


      The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

      thanks for speaking up the truth girl~you rock and look good too with the Cars!

    • Peter

      What a fucked up system! My God!

  • either ALL 12 year olds know what they are doing at all times or NONE of them do. you can’t pick and choose the “crime” or the child. This country pisses me off.

    • rg57

      On Friday, a boy is an idiot, but after his birthday on Saturday, he’s OK to send to the electric chair?

      Proper courts would ignore age entirely, and focus on the cognitive ability and maturity of the actual defendant, as relates to the charges, whether 15 or 50. Prejudicially applying the assumed abilities of other people of the same age ought to be unconstitutional, and it’s surely not rational.

      • thanks for wise words ,mate-you are a rational human!
        I hope soon we all get well and see the true crimes-cheers mate

        terrorism is what the government does.

        our dear crime minister of justice in Canada wants 2 year for growing 6 plants in ya backyard garden-ass-in-ine!

        but the rich elite own everything including us…if we let’em!!!!

        pharma,war mongers,banksters,politicians,trust fund babies, new world order, and the worst -self flagellating religious morons!!!1…

        they buy there freedom with shark lawyers….moneyed criminals

        psychopath’s with degrees.

        it angers my soul to see people in cages!!!!!

        am thinking Planet of the Apes

        glad to see people think wisely and we have hope in this world!!!

        G20 in Canada….jack boots!!! Hitler again…>(

        • bringmeredwine

          “crime minister of justice”
          Love it, but don’t know whom you’re referring to!

    • the supposed adults whom run this world who are bought and paid for by the corruptions…>(

      • frustratedatdumbdumbs

        David, you have a lot to say. However, most of what you do say is illegible.

  • putting anyone into a cage, even youngsters,doesnt help anyone…lets try something else.lots of good wise people have lots of great ideas, lets try em-we got notin to loose.

    ….even animals is a bad idea,ever been to a zoo?,IMHO…gawd bless us all.

    Everyone makes mistakes, including myself…..lets try to re-habilite people, please

    Cheers-stop the drug war!!!

    there by the grace of god -went I as an orphan when my dad raped me too….>(

    hey George bush is responsible for a million deaths and he aint in jail-yet~

    and the federal reserve and banksters –Jesus~….we need to speak up and end the stupidity….thanks all

    anyone in jail who wants help can hit me up on face book-I could be in a cage…tomarra

    lot of love and good people in prison….thank you to the good guards….everyone needs to look in the mirror and they will see we are all sinners

    this hit me hard cause o what happened to me….but I was lucky and dint get caught

  • how can a child be prosecuted as an adult????

    why is it that when they put you in jail you loose all your rights as a citizen and human being?and if yaw get killed they ay…owe well….disgusting!!!!!1

    it bewilders me how society sticks there head in the sand…

  • why are most of em black?

    slavery still exists….thank the republicans!!!! for decimating the poor and unfortunate 47%

    where is Obama,he could just as easily been jailed for smoking dope…guess he forgot?

  • child soldier comes to mind…the usa would love to hire’em too kill terrorists…jest saying IMHO

  • “Youths tried in adult criminal court,generally,have higher recidivism rates after release than those tried in juveniles courts”
    Us justice dept.?????
    so listen to yourselves justice dept.!~~~~~

  • bringmeredwine

    I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for all of these kids
    I don’t care how old you are or how awful your childhood was.
    It’s one thing to think about killing, robbing, or kidnapping a fellow human being; actually following through with it takes a special kind of person-and I don’t want any kids capable of these actions walking around free.
    They are DANGEROUS.
    I don’t care how cute they look or how remorseful they appear to be.
    The violent crimes in my city are often committed by the youthful offenders who are on parole or so-called probation.
    Why should the rest of society have to live in fear of what these kids might do next?

  • thunderscratch

    so the us prison system is like santa clause, naughty or nice, nothing in-between. be a good boy or you’ll be locked up for the rest of your life says jagged fang toothed uncle sam.

  • Primal Instinct

    A great documentary alright

  • ashlee

    I think its wrong that myles got a longer sentence than Colt considering that myles didn’t even kill anybody. So many of these kids suffer with mental health problems they need help not just punishment. Children should be tried as children. Interesting documentary

  • Robert Bruhn

    This should be compusary viewing at all schools around the world, If it helped one kid stay out of jail,,job done

  • Heather schirra

    I do not believe in sentencing a child to life in prison !


    Some of the remarks of these kids is they didn’t ‘know what to expect’ when they ‘arrived in prison’…

    …What ever happened to those programs like “Scared Straight” geared towards “at risk kids”??

    Where is the documentary on the “follow-up” of the kids that did go through the ‘Scared Straight Program’?
    Where are they now? That would be a good/interesting documentary and would show if the program ‘really did work’. If it did/does work wouldn’t that be a lot cheaper then waiting until something happens then the expense of courts, trials and incarceration?

    I hear regret from these kids, but not much regret for what they did that brought them to the place they are at now..


    Why are so many comments here duplicated?? I get it the first time I read it…