100 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” hosts a new series that highlights the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, from the earliest time to the present day. The series features nine episodes: Evolution, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Genetics and Biology, plus a wrap up episode featuring the top 10 discoveries of all time. This is a fun and instructive series, with a lot of historical re-creations, archival footage, visits to interesting scientific research facilities and interviews with present-day scientists including several Nobel laureates – all presented with the flair and humor associated with television’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye.

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  2. My personal opinion relating to Aliens is that they are real. So many events though Human history involves Alien interaction of visitation. you’d have to be living under a rock to not know.

  3. I agree Michael. Beside all you said there are two things that have come up biologically that show that Darwin’s Origin of the Species theory could not possibly have happened how he said it did. I encourage you to read “A Critique of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” by Alex Paterson. While there has never been empirical evidence supporting his theory, Darwin did get it right in the micro. We do evolve. We evolve as a species. Try to think of it as, adaptation. Our environment plays a huge part on how our species change. But to think that we came from simple single cell orginism, well, Alex Paterson put it this way…”From a scientific point of view, the proposition that something as incredibly diverse and irreducibly complex as life – and which is characterised by order, purpose and the ability to reproduce itself (in other words, displaying consciousness) – could have spontaneously defied the Second Law of Thermodynamics and come into being out of the relatively simple primordial environment of pre-biotic earth by way of some unknown, ‘unconscious’, purposeless, mechanistic process, smacks to many (including the author) of being bogus science.”

    The reason why this bogus theory is accepted is two fold. You either believe it’s the best idea out there so far or It’s the dogma for your atheism and/or your marxist philosophical materialism.

  4. If that planet finding astronomer wants to keep a job, better postulate the the absurd pseudo-science of Darwinian evolution. Empirical proofs (only 29) all based on DNA similarity’s in strands of a gene of different species. The conclusion drawn from these similarity’s is entirely subjective and has other explanations. The ceolecante a species swimming off the African coast today and it’s identical 350 million year old fossil make this guy sound really stupid. The look on his face seem to say he knows he sounds stupid. No proof whatsoever in the fossil record, with millions of samples, only absurd concoctions of birds evolving from dinosaurs. Back to the sky. They still don’t have a clue,but they know there is not enough mass in galaxies to create the gravity to hold the outer stars in their orbits. Another pseudo-science claim based on no proof whatsoever, dark matter does the binding job. They have never found any dark matter. They ought to look in the hearts of people who make these lies up, if it is anywhere it’s in their hearts.

    • Why do these vids always attract fucking nutjobs like you.
      Just go away.
      Darwinian evolution is a fact. Get over it.

  5. mike .. the previous 4 billion yrs of *prime real eastate* you are talking about is a false statement. as far as earth being habitable you can only go back a few hundred million yrs .. the reason we have supposedly been visited only as of late is 1) you’ve only been alive for so many yrs and i am going to assume less that 100. you have no idea how long we have been getting visits IF we get them at all. for all you or any of us knows these *visits* have been going on for a few thousand yrs. 2) in the previous 4 billion yrs the earth had been developing. for the first 2 billion yrs the earth was a molten ball. the following 2 billion yrs earth had gone thru magnetic pole reversals (multiple) ice ages .. snowball earth and a multitude of other unimaginable conditions. *prime real estate ?* maybe you should watch a few more documentaries on the evolution of our planet and posibly do a little of your own research before you claim to have a clue what you’re talking about  

  6. Nye is a puppet and a tool.  He considers himself a “scientist”? Ask him about the thousands of documented UFO sightings by high ranking military officials, several whom have actually touched an ET vehicle, who he says “are lying, mistaken, or hallucinating.”.  The guy pisses me off….sorry.  I think he should stick to children’s shows where they won’t question his credibility.

    • He is a tool but you are a fool.  There is no proof of aliens ever visiting earth, and if so why all of a sudden now?  The earth was prime real estate for 4 billion years before humans evolved into what we are now. 

      Funny how 30 years when cameras were rare there was tons and tons of alien sightings etc etc..  Now that every dam cereal box has a camera built into there is not a single one.

      You’re smart enough to understand simple logic I would hope!

  7. astronomy and astrology is sooo interesting!

  8. why all the fuss over `dark` energy ? its obvious .whatever existed before the big bang had a mass beyond comprehension with corresponding gravity . when it`banged` the energy released was enough to cause the eternal expansion we still measure. The acceleration of the expansion is caused by the increasing distance from the original gravity. Feel the affect of your car running down hill if you slowly release the brakes half way down the hill.    

    • A car rolling down hill relies on gravity for it’s acceleration…
      Expansion from the initial bang would continue at a constant rate for eternity if there was no resistance but accelerating because it’s escaping the grasp of the original gravity? that would mean that the gravity from this original mass was still in existence, which is impossible. It would also still mean that there is something pushing out against this fictional gravity, so that as the ‘initial gravity’ loses it’s grip, the universe’s momentum increases… Dark matter.

  9. awesome show, bill sounds a bit too leading at some points

    “sounds like a goldilocks”

    Yeah, really….I wonder what he’s going to talk about, GOLDILOCKS ZONE?  

  10. Title is: 13 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy. Good show though.

  11. Title is: 13 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy. Good show though.