102 Minutes That Changed America

102 Minutes That Changed America is a 102-minute American television special documentary film that was produced by History and premiered commercial-free on September 11, 2008, marking the seventh anniversary of the attacks. The film depicts in virtually real time the New York-based events of the September 11 attacks primarily using raw video footage from mostly amateur citizen journalists. The documentary is accompanied by an 18-minute documentary short called I-Witness to 9/11, which features interviews with nine firsthand eyewitnesses who captured the video footage on camera.

According to this film, most of the archival video footage was in possession of the U.S. government but was released to History years after 9/11.

This film was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, France 3 in France and History Channel in Brazil on Monday 07 September 2009. In The Netherlands it was shown on SBS6 on Wednesday 09 September 2009.

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  1. How do I get a copy of this video? My cousin, a member of FDNY, is in this video at 31:12-31:17. It is the last footage of him before entering the WTC tower. It’s the last thing we have of him. He’s carrying an extra tank on his right shoulder and there is a 1 on his helmet (he was a member of Rescue 1).

  2. for whatever cause or distorted reasoning this was a sign of the times for all
    we are all responsible for this , no value given to humaity in society and even less across religious and racial divides.
    chasing 1 man for this is a cop out.
    u should be asking questions on high rise buildings and damage limitation measures like embedded demolition systems

  3. Why is the video still listed here if it it now “private?” or is there some magic button that I have to press??

  4. The firemen……….heroes all.

  5. Keep it up, wonderful job! Just the stuff I had to know.

  6. Wow. While I was watching this, tears fell out. I cant believe someone could do something beyond horible like that. It’s just wrong. Hundreds of inocent people got killed and suffered. Who ever did that doesnt have a heart. If they do have one, they should thought about the inocent people they would hurt. It’s just wrong. Its been 9 years since this horible day, A day full of suffering, sadness, tears and pain. A day that will never be forgotten. There were probably hundreds of people in the top of the building suffering. They were clueless of what was happening, all they were probably thinking was how they would save themselves. If I have a love on that building and was hurt, I will NEVER forgive the people that had the wrong use of knowledge, im sure millions of people agree. I know for sure that in 9 years, people still look back from that day and just cry. Why would people do such a thing like this? Why would they think of it? Its just not killing other people, its killing themselves too. If they dont want to live their life then they could’ve just killed themselves rather than effecting hundreds of people who still care about their life. People who still have love ones to spend time with, young ones and people who wanted a longer life with a great future but because of those horible people, they didnt. May those terorists be shamed even they’re dead. 9/11 must not be forgotten forever, a day that changed America and the people.

    • Yes it was a sad day in the history of the world. Many people died druing the attacks, and many died trying to rescue those who were trapped. I urge you though to look deeper into this subject, but with an open mind. I used to think like you; that this was done by far away terrorists who hate the North-American style of life. But a situation like this requires more that just blind faith to formulate a solid opinion. Just look into it and give the so called “conspiracy theories” a chance. You may get a whole new outlook on the world you live in; Possibly an even greater change than what resullted from the attacks themselves.

      • Maybe instead of insane conspiracy theories, you should try to accept that there are really people who hate our way of life and are willing to die to express that hatred. Although I can see how it would make you feel safer to think that the government couldn’t get away with an elaborate plot to kill their own people than to think that complete strangers succeeded in killing thousands of innocent people because they hate this country.

        • the thing is im not american, so from a different prospective, i can say those people just hate the world; not america itself but the whole world. Those people asked for attention, and by far, they got it. Its those people who are gifted with intelligence that succeeds to these kinds of horrible happenings. Yes, they obviously did it to express their hatred towards everything, but its more than that. They wanted to be known, and they knew America is the biggest powerful country out there, so they knew they would get what they wanted. Though, you were right, they would waste their life to express their hatred, but theres more to that. so many questions to ask. If one kills thousands of innocent people to express emotions then why would they hide and take a chance for life to be saved??? And im talking about the mastermind behind all this! if hatred is what is the only thing behind this, and sacrificing their own life, then why HIDE?? and as for the governments, people DO feel safer knowing that government wasnt ready and just blame it on them.. oh so many questions, not enough answers! Though, we shouldnt get into the things behind the situation because it might just not filter us any good as it just makes our minds wonder upon all the clues.. and next time you know, we’re goin crazy! by far, i just believe its more than hatred, nor beyond intelligence.. as long as i know bin laden got caught, im good.

        • Bottoms up MC, bottoms up.