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Christian Evangelist, Ray Comfort attacks again. The main premise in this film is the portrayal of abortion as modern Holocaust, thus claiming to be a powerful, irrefutable argument against abortion that it will reverse pro-choice opinions within seconds.
The argument goes like this: Hitler murdered Jews. Abortion kills babies. Therefore, abortion is just like the Holocaust.
The interesting thing is that this secret that can change people’s opinions 180 degrees on the issue of abortion in seconds actually is a thirty-three minute long film which doesn’t really give an argument that can be made in seconds as promised.

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  1. I am pro choice early on and for cases of rape or where the mother’s life is in danger or there is something wrong with the foetus.

  2. Said this before, will say it again. If men could get pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic next to every McDonald’s and KFC.

  3. This man is absolutely right. This documentary is amazing. Thank you Ray Comfort

  4. I agree about the question of abortion. But, as a Jesus follower, he probably forgot the Inquistion and the Crusades.

  5. How did one man find so many idiots?

  6. for all those religious demagogs:

    “In her well-known article A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson argues that abortion is in some circumstances permissible even if the embryo has a right to life. Her central argument involves a thought experiment. Imagine, Thomson says, that you wake up in bed next to a famous violinist. He is unconscious with a fatal kidney ailment; and because only you happen to have the right blood type to help, the Society of Music Lovers has kidnapped you and plugged your circulatory system into his so that your kidneys can filter poisons from his blood as well as your own. If he is disconnected from you now, he will die; but in nine months he will recover and can be safely disconnected. Thomson takes it that you may permissibly unplug yourself from the violinist even though this will kill him. The right to life, Thomson says, does not entail the right to use another person’s body, and so in disconnecting the violinist you do not violate his right to life but merely deprive him of something—the use of your body—to which he has no right. Similarly, even if the embryo has a right to life, it does not have a right to use the pregnant woman’s body; and so aborting the embryo is permissible in at least some circumstances. However, Thomson notes that the woman’s right to abortion does not include the right to directly insist upon the death of the child, should the fetus happen to be viable, that is, capable of surviving outside the womb.”

  7. One day Ray will meet a nice guy and settle down at which point he will leave people alone. This, folks, is the danger of being ugly and stupid.

  8. Very disturbing that this extremist would compare two atrocities of which have absolutely no relationship other than death (Holocaust and Abortion in the U.S.) …both of these are/were horrific occurrences and to compare the two in such a political, propagandist m ethology is despicable. I think what is most disturbing and upsetting personally is the fact that there are hypocrites such as this man proselyting under the umbrella of Christianity casting down judgment and calling sinners when only one supreme Judge exists. It is charlatans like him who give Christianity a bad name. I am a Christian and my god is a good God who judges people by their actions, their heart, and their works. Trembling by the fear instilled by this clown is offensive and he certainly should shut the hell up and start judging his own actions before condemning everybody on the street. UnF*ckingbelievable

  9. I think it’s ok to kill kids when…. you know they will become like RAY COMFORT!!!!

  10. this documentary was appalling. guilting young people into changing their minds by comparing abortion with the holocaust?! i dont care if you believe abortion is wrong or right but i was expecting more intelligent content than manipulative interviewing.

  11. After 20 weeks, a funeral can be done for a miscarriage. I did one of these a few weeks ago. Actually it was a still birth,because they had to induce labor to get the little boy out of his mother.
    For those of you who don’t think abortion is a holocost, remember that in Germany or Europe 6 million Jews died. We’ve had over 30 million abortions. If these are people then we as a nation have a lot to answer to with God. It’s just the facts. Yet, God is forgiving if we come to Him. The problem is a lot of people never want to admit they are wrong about much, and don’t see a need for the salvation Jesus brings.

  12. The God given Royal Law, if obeyed harms no one. These commands are absolutes, which never considers situational ethic’s as your clueless interviewee’s The rich do not feel the quality of life of poor people is worth living and are taking steps to eliminate 94% of us. the only criteria is power to get it done. These clueless ones can get a taste of their own judgement from the receiving end. They will not admit to a lust for power in their own rationalizations. They haven’t thought it through. A sense of fair play is required. I can speak with authority, as I am a very experienced antiabortion activist with the fines beatings and imprisonments to prove it.

  13. so bad this documentary!
    This is so ignorant and DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a people……

  14. Can’t believed that people don’t know who hitler was omg that is sad!
    i am against abortion totally, completely. Always have and i always will

  15. Fetus ≠ baby for very, very obvious reasons.

  16. what an IDIOT !! “you shall not kill”

    so what did the church do to all this poor Indians and thousand of people how had other religion?? what a LAME documentary ..

    and its always about Hitler….what about Stalin, Leopold II or mao tse-tung ??

  17. ok, the first five minutes of this garbage should be called, “America: our school system is awful.” because all its just five minutes of people that have no idea who hitler is.

  18. Sickening, how this man uses the holocaust in relation with abortion. He tricks people with the question about the bulldozer rather then the machine-gun.. This is a completely irrelevant question. Of course some people will have the intuition of saying I would do the bulldozer thing rather then the shooting.. Fact of the matter is.. this is in no way related to the abortion of a child. We have too many human beings on the planet in the first place, lets take care of the ones that are on there right now. If one cannot take care of a child an abortion is a great thing!!
    The last bit discusses me the most. How he tries to make these people believe they wont go to heaven.. sure he knows, cause he thinks he is God.. to quote Bill Maher: Religion is a bureaucracy between man and god.. this guys is the greatest example of that!

  19. This is the most ridiculous documentary I have ever watched. How Comfort thinks he can compare the holocaust to abortion is crazy. Abortion is the killing of a life that hasn’t started yet. If the parent’s of the unborn cannot provide for the child, then why subject the child to such a living? The holocaust happened from act of an evil minded tyrant, whose lust for greed and power took over. The people Comfort interviewed in this documentary are f*cking idiots, most of them didn’t even know who Hitler was. The only reason why the majority of those interviewed in this film ‘changed their minds’, was because they weren’t knowledgeable enough to talk back to Comfort, and actually stand up for what they personally believe.

    Get Comfort to interview me, I’ll bloody talk back.

  20. Very though provoking. Wake up people!!! The masses have been made to believe that abortion isn’t murder but no matter how you twist it, IT IS! The questions he asked were valid. People have turned away from the real true God and have proclaimed themselves to be god. No surprise that people who don’t know God will morally degrade and do whatever THEY want. Turn your life around 180 degrees. Don’t take God and Gods commandments lightly.

    1 John 1:9
    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

  21. this guy has to be the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. he says lying is a sin right after he spends the whole first half of the documentary pretending its about the holocaust. Whats more disturbing is that he uses the emotional power of the holocaust to push his political/religious agenda. It’s completely disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the Nazi regime to use there memory in this fashion.

    Almost every question he asks is loaded and dishonest. asking if it is OK to kill a baby in the womb is a loaded question. no one could think its OK to kill a baby. A more objective way to ask the question would be “is a fetus a baby.”

    this video was a complete waist of my time. i seriously hope no one takes this idiot seriously

  22. I bet this author would justify one kind of killing – killing of Palestinians since they’re all terrorist and anti-Semites, right?

  23. Ray Comfort is a disgusting person. This person compares women who terminate a pregnancy to the Nazis. The guy is a religious fanatic where everything is black and white no gray areas. The gray areas are where people are forced to think the religious nuts are enemies of freedom of thought.

  24. wow this doco just frustrated the hell out of me! The way he worded his questions were so manipulative and twisted to force the person to feel uncomfortable. Adoption is not the ideal choice either due to the system being so screwed up and the child will not automatically get adopted..spending years in foster homes and all that jazz. I think its disgusting how religion was bought into it to as it does counteract his argument about Hitler. Hitler was a evil evil man who manipulated thoughts and ideas about life into other peoples minds… isn’t that what this man is kind of doing implanting his anti-abortion ideas into peoples minds using religious ideas?..sigh. People are so ignorant and narrow minded. Its not murder..or selfish..if anything in most cases its selflessness as you know bringing that child into this world would only cause grief for that child. Anyone who has ever been through this knows abortion is extremely hard mentally for the woman that clearly it was not for Hitler to kill all those people. There is no comparableness for these two situations at all.

  25. Smile! You are being indoctrinated!

  26. I am so against this type of documentaries, if you can even call it that, I would personally call it propaganda.
    I think that the worst thing about this is when he’s trying to reform those poor people by saying that they have to ask for Jesus forgivness.
    In perspective to his main argument, that abortion equals the holocaust; The women and men that died in the holocaust were jews, so they didn’t accept Jesus Christ as the son of God before they died. they were not “saved” before they die.

    Just to be clear, I don’t descriminate against anyone, but what right does Ray Comfort have telling people they are thieves and liars and all those other sins…. I am truly speachless and annoyed that I gave him those minutes of my life. I could have done something far more loving and important.

  27. damn those people in the beginning who didn’t know who Hitler was are making me ashamed of the american education system…but its also enlightening as to why Americans react so negatively to social programs that might help them, because all the republicans have to do is call it communism and these retards think “oh yeah wasn’t that, like, what like, Hitler believed in?” DURRR DURR DURP

  28. Ray Comfort should have been aborted. You cannot possibly compare abortion to the holocaust, just like you cannot possibly answer the questions about what you would do in the situations he presents about the holocaust as you were not there and had not been in that situation under those pressures. So his manipulating and obviously careful editing into creating these ‘revelations’ which the people he talks to supposedly had mean nothing as the majority of the people once not being under pressure of his manipulation would have thought about it later and realized he was twisting their words and tricking them into saying something they didn’t necessarily mean. So more or less I would compare Ray Comfort to Hitler, except not nearly as convincing and definitely no where near as intelligent.

  29. I’ve never heard Ray Comfort make ONE intelligent argument for his cause. The problem is: the people being asked these questions don’t understand that he is loading the questions in order to make them sound like hypocrites when it comes to abortion.

    When asking a question such as, “Its ok to kill a baby in the womb when….” you are already starting with the presupposition that the fetus is a living baby. Its a “gotcha” question, and these people should have recognized that and simply stated that a fetus is not a baby.

  30. Oh no, of course, killing of ‘jews’ is the worst possible crime in all of human history. That the physicians and bankers are jews which drive the abortion issue on Gentile babies is neither here nor their in their self-obsessed narcissm as BIG Victim(isers). It never happened, get over it. Read the Pink Swastika (written by jews) and of course, When Victims Rule. Abortion is wrong. But kinder than living in this hateful Jew controlled world. And so say I.

  31. What a Fcking moron,i swear i am ashamed to be a man,because of idiots like this(not to mention rapist.politicians,dictators ect ect ect),Susan(commenter above) said it niceley!
    Anyway………….im gonna go make a sandwich and watch someting more educational i guess

  32. OMG! You cant compare abortion with the killing of the jews… What if you have the abortion because you know that the baby will grow up and have a hard and horrible life? Sorry, but I’ve heard of parents abusing and even killing their children… Maybe it would have been better if they had an abortion and never became parents? Most of the women that have an abortion doesn’t do this lightly.. Adoption isn’t an option for everyone… I’ve worked on shelters where children live under horrible conditions because their parents didn’t want them… So, abortion is sometimes the best option..

  33. Finish this sentence for me: It’s okay to attempt to guilt people into believing what you want them to when…

  34. Are you kidding me?! You cannot compare a pit full of completely developed , suffering human beings, aware of the immense physical and psychological pain all around them, terrified of death , to a fetus. who ever can remember the womb at all deserves a noble prize but its just not going to happen what a ludicrous comparison.

  35. Interesting how this guy omitted one justification for abortion that is bound to have come up in his interviews: complications severe enough to threaten the health and/or life of the mother. A good example of a documentary with a personal, specific agenda, that uses the available material selectively.

    Somebody should’ve tossed the ball back to this guy and asked: “If persons A and B are going to die with certainty within the next 7 months, and you have the capacity to save A, would you do it?”

  36. Just what this world needs. Stupid, easily manipulated people and more unwanted babies being born through pro-life propaganda.

  37. Hahahaha this is ridiculous. 100% pro-choice. Ray Comfort is a pathetic misogynist. Fanatic, egotistical Bible-pushers who think they can tell people what to do, PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS 🙂

  38. Of course it’s genocide. But Why? The same answers as always, those who wrote the Talmud,Torah,Bible and Islamic book HATE humanity; particulary this ‘jealous god’ is man made jealousy of a wombman’s ability to forge loyalty and protection from her man and recreate life from her body and nurture that life.

    This Jealous G-d insists that boys are circumcised (as if the true all pervasive living God has somehow made a mistake?) which fucks up everything from there on in. Wombman were degraded and whored and subjected to ‘man’s’ will which men were quite happy with in exchange for their freedom as autonomous masters of their own destiny.

    I have to give them applause in their deligent delivery of this Jealous God’s curse: that wombman would labour in pain!

    As for the posts regurgitating malicious programming virus’ such as the depopulation, eugenicist and pro ‘gay’ agendas, not worth considering a response to. nanotechRobots.

    To Hell with Religions. A sane people would NOT kill or have cause to kill their young: only laboratory traumatised animals do this. And who is responsible for the construct and conditions in this laboratory? Those who wrote and promote the Jealous God, of course.

  39. Satan wished for others to worship him above God. He is also not in hell yet… Please get your facts straight. The devil will be placed in hell one day, but not yet; God has more use for him before the end of this era.

  40. I would rather people have abortions, than have millions of child abuse cases on our hands that we cannot cope with.
    It does not matter what the bible says; that is up to the people who wrote the bible.
    My best friend spent his life being spat at by people who ‘believe’ the bible, and believe that gay people are the spawn of satan, yet they say they are ‘pro life’.
    Satan himself was sent to hell because he refused to love humans more then he loved God, what does that tell you? God wants us to love each other, not him…

  41. Ok, so if a fetus is considered human why don’t we have funerals for miscarriages? Why doesn’t the city sensis count them?
    This topic will forever be controversial and I personally believe it is truly a woman’s choice. Anti-abortion IS anti-woman rights, simple as that.

  42. “Why, why, why, why is it that most of the people that are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?”

    “These conservitives will do ANYTHING for the unborn, but once you’re born (middle finger) you’re on your own!”

    -George Carlin

  43. This guy is very clever. He has designed the questions he is asking and chosen the people he is putting on the spot so that he reenforces his side of the argument. This documentary was not objective and did not present both sides of the argument. He is manipulating peoples’ opinions the same way lawyers and priests do.
    Philosophically the topic presented is very difficult and should be discussed free of fanaticism.
    I don’t know if abortion is murder. However I would argue that the existence of the human soul is not enough to justify all births. If the gentleman presenting the documentary feels so strongly about this issue, he could help us further by letting us know what he feels about saving lives of unborn children or pregnant women by use of medicine (since it was Gods will to threaten their safety in the first place). Dogmatism is drawing civilization back.

  44. Fuck this guy. Another man thinking he has a say in what women do with their bodies. Until guys start bleeding every month and have gone through pregnancy and labor pains they need to keep their mouth shut. I cant stand the kind of men who constantly try to govern and lord over the female body like its their property and even worse are the sellout women who submit and agree to this mindset.

    BTW theres too many people anyways, life isint sacred anymore, the earth is literally polluted by humanity! if i ever got or get knocked up id have an abortion without even a second thought. More people need to adopt orphans and foster kids the worlds full of kids who need loving parents we dont need to keep making more. We live in a finite space theres not enough resources, we need condoms and abortions like we need solar power and alternative fuel sources. go green get an abortion. assholes.

  45. Watch this!!

  46. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen on this site please keep these coming.