2012 Revolution: World Awakening

Documentary about the current state of events in the world, and a detailed analysis of the system of control that has us at the edge of losing many of our rights and freedoms. Where did this begin? How did we let it all happen? What is the solution?

Features many clips from experts and celebrities who all feel that there needs to be a change on earth, a global spiritual awakening within the human soul of everyone who still has a heart on earth. The realization that change is needed in the way that those with power abuse it and wars are not needed anywhere on earth. Warning: Many of these videos contain graphic content, however this information and footage should be seen by every mature human being on this planet, because these are important issues that need to be openly discussed and not ignored.

This documentary was creating using fair rights intentions and is an attempt to spread truth to the people that need to hear the facts straight up, without any sugar coating or cherries on top. This is the raw, true version of history whether you like it or not. This is what we have become.

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  1. start by exposing all the nonces in government and buckingham palace here in england, then the us and the vatican, string the effers up for the crows to feed off, then work our way down, corrupt wankers, bush,blair etc.

  2. Well after reading the comments I choose not to waste my time with this. Just too many negative things said that have turned me away from this film. Thanks but no-thanks

  3. Another liar telling the same predictable lies.

    Pissed off because Wall Street “took” our (United States Tax) money. But no they didn’t “take it”.. it was the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT who GAVE it to them. Yet community organized fools don’t protest the authority.

    Why do fools believe the lies about “predatory lending” instead of thinking for yourselves!

    Which is a predatory loan?

    1 – High interest rate compounded daily, your kids legs as collateral, and Tony Soprano following you around day after day until you pay?


    2 – Zero down, LOW interest rates, drive-by appraisals, no credit check, underutilized applications, living in a house far more expensive than you can afford, never paying off the loan, and simply walk away at the end?

    I say #1. Progressive liars say #2. But please, let’s test it. Lend me your money.I’ll never pay you back and we’ll see how quickly YOU become rich. Maybe then you’ll realize you’re being lied to.

    Making bad loans is NOT a “profit strategy”.. Until.. the Progressive Democrats in the United States government created Fannie Mae to buy the loans.

    The “Progressive” (root ideology – Darwinism) goal was to cause this to happen and then seize control of corporations, and housing, and energy, and insurance and finance, and education, and banking, and healthcare, and currency, and information, and 90+% of all US mortgages, and ammunition, and now they’re arming the middle east and attempting to unify the enemies of the Christian God to make war against Him and to destroy Israel.

    Who in America is behind all this? The Democrat party – specifically – the left-wing Progressives whose “planned parenthood” was designed to kill Black children..

    All this documentary tells you is lies. It tells you that Slavery was ended by a Slave uprising. It’s a LIE. The historical fact is that most slaves were so institutionalized they didn’t leave their plantations until decades AFTER “Solid South” Democrats had been defeated. Realize the Progressive South withdrew from the United States to PRESERVE slavery..

    Today It’s a little know fact that the KKK wasn’t a racist organization. What it actually was is a partisan Democrat Progressive POLITICAL organization, and it’s sole aim was to ensure Progressive Democrats didn’t lose power by allowing Blacks to become Republicans like Lincoln who had freed them.

    Throughout US History, Any independent self-guided study of history will show you that Partisan Progressive Collectivist Democrats have committed ALL of our nations racial violence. A name by name and face by face check of the “Southern Manifesto” (the definitive Anti-Civil Rights Manifesto) will also show you that not only did they not “switch parties” in 1964 like their lies tell you, but instead they Solid South and their descendants became the modern Democrat power base – Al Gore,Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Jimmy Carter, and Clinton’s Speaker of the house (former KKK recruiter) Robert Byrd – are all hyper progressives, and all came from the Southern Democrat pond.

    History shows that in 1964, the 100% Solid-South partisan progressive Democrat attempts to stop the Civil Rights Movement failed. They LOST the Civil Rights war. The Democrat Solid-South had been overcome.

    So what was the Solid South reaction? 1964 The “Great Society” – 1964 welfare, food stamps, public housing, – aka – national implementation of the plantation system! What year was that? 1964.

    And who pushed drugs and illegitimacy, and the destruction of the Black family in the 1960’s? Oh, that’s right. “Progressive” Democrats – aka – the Klan… Or did you really think it was the White Christian Conservatives with their traditional God fearing values and morals who did that? This is the sole object of Progressive politic. Control.

    Who set up the “Federal Reserve”? Progressive Democrats.

    Who created Fannie Mae? Progressive Democrats.

    Go to look and look at all of the largest budget items. Who created every single one of them? Answer Progressive Democrats. And yet you still cannot see why you can’t afford food or gas or why our children are being buried under a mountain of inescapable college debt by liberal institutions.

    Everywhere you look the Democrat Klan is dividing people and blaming everyone else for the crimes they themselves are responsible for!. But because you hear them complain you think oh, they must not be responsible. Fools.

    Who created the UN & League of Nations? Who is just set up a caliphate in the middle east and is openly hostile to Israel? Progressive Democrats. Who is hostile to God? Who hates Christians – every Christian – Black and White? Progressive Democrats. Who created the inner city environment that is slaughtering Black America? Do you see it yet?

    The purpose of it all is to collapse of our economy is the continuation of the 1960’s progressive revolution. Wake up! Take the blinders off your eyes!

    The Charlie Manson “Helter-Skelter” plan (aka – “Cloward-Piven Strategy” – look these up) is exactly what all this is about.

    Fascism was named after a bundle of sticks. It’s SOCIALIST. That Nazis killed Communists no more makes Nazi a “right wing” organization than bloods killing cryps makes the bloods a Caucasion police organization.

    Left vs Right ideological divide is ONLY about the rights of the group (aka – the 99%) vs the life, liberty, and property of individuals (aka – the 1%). Only the LEFT gives the authority to steal, enslave, and kill a minority – aka – the individual. Don’t listen to their words. Look at what they do and what they have done They champion sin. The Bible tells you that what they actually champion is death..Open your eyes. Realize who is using military drones in the USA. and see.

    Realize that atheistic survival-of-the-fittest darwinists don’t create programs to your benefit or survival. To them your life has all the value of an accident.

  4. Love this documentary I hope you gave credit to all the other docs that helped you compile this though.

  5. “George Bush hates Black people” Greatest shit ever!


  7. What we need is an all out revolution, take over the banks, the rich, destroy all paper money and start over…’cause the corporations and alot of the rich ”job creators” just don’t give a crap about us

  8. This doc is really interesting, but I had to stop halfway through because the music is SO ANNOYING. It gets so loud you can barely hear the narrator, and dude, you don’t have to put on heavy, dramatic music, the facts themselves are disturbing enough as it is. 8(

  9. What we have is capitalistic greed, the banker’s, politician’s, the Market shareholders/investor’s that by creating massive wealth at what ever cost to the individual(S).
    Its a case of have and have not, but now the have’s are being squeezed by the have more culture.

    Corruption and the shady behind the door deals that are being done with the white collar crime is all covered up because they are all tied into the same capitalistic brush/scam.

    It is these very people who have vasts amount of cash flow, who own most of the media, politicians in their pockets due to lobby groups own by these people and corporate interests for the globes finite resources.

    We ARE being manipulated by the elite of this world, i wouldnt go as far as the program shows, but i do know that in history is azll too well known it has happened.

    The truth is, that this year is an awakening, next year may well contain action in that revolution.

  10. How am I supposed to watch the movie with that damn hammer bashing the iPhone? ARRGGHHHH!!!!!! Make it stop!!!

  11. I have to say that I really looked forward towards seeing this documentary when I saw it online the other day and although I must certainly thank the creator for making this, I can suggest using what everyone said here. The world IS a place where theres a lot of shit going on and I was hoping that this documentary actually had something “new” but Im afraid it doesnt, it adds perspective but it also promotes fear (be it on purpose or accidentally).

    For me it all boils down to this
    I have been born in a world where the more I get to know it, the more I dont understand a lot of stuff. Its easy to find a “scapegoat” in (the) Illuminati/aliens/religion. Now Im not saying that they are non-existant, I have a firm believe that there are people with more “knowledge” about things but for me, they really dont matter. Im not letting myself be controlled by anything other than fate or myself.
    In relation to the subject I have to say that Im absolutely confident that things will go to an climax soon, for me world war 3 is not a war against a nation or between nations but more against ourselves and to be more accurate against our own “insanity”. For me it has already started.
    They are trying to supress talking about this subject (global awakening) and thats why I still like documentaries like this.
    Quote from another movie:
    1 candle can enlight a dark room, but the dark cant do the opposite.
    Molon labe

  12. i’m enjoying this documentary but when the guy is talking about the government planning fake alien attacks to “unite” us, it’s really hard to hear over the loud, unnecessary music! very distracting, lol, i’m trying sooo hard to hear what he’s saying!

  13. Really Ron Paul with a Masonic Handshake? Why would a free mason want to shut down the Federal Reserve and bring the troops back?

  14. The sensationalism is distracting, and the music too loud to hear what people are saying, a furtive appeal to raw emotion. Being spooky, will not generate a effective response.Drama queen appeals to logic, common sense and intelligence, are useless. You must use logic, common sense and intelligence coupled with human dignity, genuine love of freedom ,which only comes from loving the Truth and knowing it. C.S Lewis, in his Narnia book, Lion ,Witch and Wardrobe, show Aslan destroying the White queen with the breath of his mouth. The demonic does not have the deep magic of the Royal Law, perfectly fulfilled by the Victorious Lord Jesus Christ. She convinced her followers she was the ultimate power, but she was destroyed, and her followers, as death will be, For the Command of God is Life Eternal. The wages of sin is death, and no one beats that rap. We, trapped in time die, but His Salvation is for Eternity, within the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is no time.It is the Father good plesure to give you the kingdom, which cannot be earned, only recieved with a contrite and humble heart of a honest person who has the Royal Law written in their heart, which always manifests good will toward men. To always have good will toward men is to become perfect as your Father in Heaven, the Only Holy One , is perfect. Ask, Knock, seek as He instructed.All love does not die with death.

  15. I watched the whole thing. Decent points were made, but a lot of sensationalism. Please also note that your “doom” music track was way too high over voices at most parts and I could barely make out what was being said.

  16. 15 minutes in ……..FAIL !!! like everyone ells has said. self for filling , none factual ideals.

  17. “And now North American native peoples are living on reservations, basically conentration camps.“
    I will use this statement in order ro make the point that, if you need to use sensationalism and/or propaganda to make your point then the point you are making is likely weaker than you are presenting or a lie.
    I give up at the 48:31 mark but appreciate the efforts of the creators of the documentary and would just submit that truth is more effectively and more beautifully presented in it’s pure natural state as it seems to lose it’s luster when packaged and marketed.
    Having said that, I feel it! … a change within myself and belief that I am witnessing the maturation and, I pray, enlightenment of mankind.

    • I don’t know about native americans in the USA but in canada they have it pretty good and can leave at any time. On the reserve they get free housing and other things depending on which Indian band it is. Again like I said though I can’t talk for the southern half of North America.

      Edit. Also they get tax exemptions to stores that are on the reserve which equals way cheaper smokes and such.

      • You clearly cannot speak about First Nations people in Canada either, your ignorance is astounding!!!

      • you are living in another planet!!! You certainly cannot speak for First Nations people in Canada – you know NOTHING about their plight. Such ignorance is alarming.

  18. This documentary is about the same as most conspiracy documentaries. 60% truth is mixed with wild fantasies, narrated by a man with most annoying nasal voice I’ve heard in a long time. He says things like “JFK, who was assassinated by the CIA” as if they are established fact. There are few cited sources. Philosophically it’s interesting, but for those of you seeking facts you’ll cringe at the huge lack.

  19. in the first slide i thought this is gonna be good, but the second slide killed it straight away.

  20. I see your point PlagueBearer but I still do think that this is a good documentary and with very important facts and stories on how do the capitalist system slowly but surely destroys our planet and the life on it. I am sure its gonna get there when everyone will feels this on their “own skin”. Its sad. Our system is wrong, based on money and carrier which leads to corruption. It cannot be not corrupt as all goes for money and where is money there is no truth. There is money and only money.Thanks for posting this!

  21. ffs.. The free-masons,UFO’s, bilderberger, operation paperclip all over again. Put this documentary in the deepest abyss of the conspiracy section..
    It’s got very little to do with recent activist movement. Yes, it shares viewpoints based on the capitalistic system, but tries to mix it with all-time-popular-conspiracy-theory.

  22. Help your blog into Wall Street !!!