30 Days in May

30 Days in May is a Showtime documentary that details the time between Floyd Mayweather’s win over boxing superstar Miguel Cotto on May 5th 2012 to the start of his three month jail sentence for domestic abuse on June 1, 2012 which is to be served at Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. The film itself gives us insight into Floyd’s world and how he felt about the whole situation.

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  1. First….I cant believe Im the first to comment on this great Documentary. This Documentary is such an asset to the perceived image/mentality of wealthy Athletes. Many athletes have lost themselves in their wealth and fame. Yet not Mayweather. After watching this Doc I am very very impressed with Floyd Mayweather. He is as grounded as anyone can be. He doesn’t drink and doesn’t even allow anyone to smoke Marijuana around him. This is a seriously focused businessman ! He takes no chance of Marijuana ever being in his bloodstream re testing.
    Mike Tyson…as amazing a fighter as he was….created an image of Boxers as thugs and selfish beings. This boy Floyd….he’s not only a money magnet due to his serious dedication to his art…..he’s a sincere caring person to his Family and friends, whilst living the life of a seriously dedicated athlete. If this video is a true representation of his life.
    I say “if” ,only to appease those who may cry “lies”, and assume I’m naïve .I’m trusting instinct.
    Floyds Philosophical comments re life,Family,friends, and what life may “throw at you” (as in his unfair incarceration)…are worth taking in. For all of us. His comments were very insightful to me.
    Could you handle such fame & fortune?
    It’s interesting Justin Beiber was included in this video. Another, seriously slighted by the public.
    Justin grew up about 1hr from Toronto Canada where I live. So young, so much on his plate.
    When one works so hard to live their dream, to accomplish their dream, it’s amazing to me how easy it can be to have that success tarnished by someone you considered close to you.
    Between bloodsucking leeches and jealousy…I don’t know how any Celebrity stays sane.
    People like Floyd or Justin Beiber , may have a vast amount of supporters and fans, but it’s the disappointment in those you always believed cared for you ,and were happy for your success ,that can break your heart and spirit . It appears Floyds Spirit and focus are here to stay. Kudos 2 u.
    Floyd Mayweather is not only an amazing Athlete needed & greatly appreciated by the Boxing world , he is also a very kind, and intelligent human being.
    How could a sober (non drug or alcohol) , serious businessman like him, lose control and assault his former wife? I just can’t buy it !!
    Floyd….your professional dedication…and consistent kindness to family & friends really impressed me tonight(Nov 20/2014). There needs to be more, respectable Athletes like you in our world.
    I am a 61 yr old white Canadian male who is very concerned, and involved with doing all I can to make this NA society we all live in to constantly evolve for the better, for our kids..
    I am one of the hundreds of thousands of PeTA advocates who assisted in taking Michael Vicks down due to his irresponsible and callous abuse of fame & power.
    You…my friend….are the standard all professional Athletes should strive to attain !!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel I really “met you tonight”….and I’m impressed !!