50 Cent: Who Dares Wins

After years of struggle, false starts, and a debut album that never came out following an attempt on his life, 50 Cent became the biggest new star in hip-hop in 2003 with the release of his album, which documented his hardscrabble existence on New York’s mean streets. 50 Cent: Who Dares Wins is an unauthorized documentary on the rapper’s life and music, featuring rare footage and interviews with friends, colleagues and fellow hip-hop stars, including Ed Lover, Mr. Cheeks, Bang ‘em Smurf, and Digga. Please note that this film was produced without the participation of 50 Cent or his record label.

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  1. more bull shit! fuck all these promotional videos! 

  2. just watch the movie basically its the film explained by other people

  3. Oh, wow, like this is really interesting ….. I mean he must have a lot of ‘talent’ for the sick psycho’s butfucking his sorry ass (not worth 50 cents) all the way into the dumb knuckle-dragging fanbelt making bucks for moo-Zac mogals. I’m outta here!