50 Years of Exploration: The Golden Anniversary of NASA

In less than a century America has progressed from the sandy hills of Kitty Hawk along the Atlantic coast into the vast new ocean of space. They journey has been difficult and dangerous but it has also been extremely rewarding, giving us a better understanding of our home planet, solar system and the universe as a whole.

Although humans have dreamed of sailing outward from the planet Earth for centuries, the realisation of this dream began just five decades ago (at the time of this release 2008).

In celebration of its 50th anniversary we see NASA release 50 Years of Exploration which if a documentary film hosted by none other than Neil Armstrong, over the course of 90 minutes we see video highlights of the agency’s first half-century. Included are insights and perspectives from astronauts, scientists, engineers and others whose contributions have helped shepherd America’s space program.

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  1. More people are becoming doubtful of what is reported by nasa these days..