91%: A Film About Guns in America

In a country with a population of around 327 million people, the people of the United States own around 347 million firearms, meaning guns now outnumber people in America. Because of this it should come as no surprise that gun violence is now one of the most urgent public health issues facing the United States today.

In this film we hear from a number of those people who have been directly affected by gun violence as they tell their heartbreaking tales of unimaginable loss it becomes clear that something must be done, but the nation seems to be stalled in a senseless gun control debate.

As 91% give way to several unrelated shootings we begin to see a pattern, the gunman had was too easily able to acquire virtually untraceable, high-powered weaponry used in their attacks.

Whatever your stance on gun control 91% sure does make a strong case for addressing the real problems and possible solutions to gun violence in America.

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