9/11 Eyewitness

Learn the truth about what happened at the World Trade Center on 9.11.2001 from eyewitness testimony and scientific analysis. High quality, three-chip digital video reveals the previously unseen reverse angle to televised coverage of the Twin Towers and Seven World Trade collapsing and a lot more.

This is the only known unedited footage that contains a clear, real-time audio track of the many disturbing events that took place during the WTC destruction. Local news radio coverage was overheard playing in the background live at the Hoboken waterfront. Scientific analysis is presented in an easy to understand manner.

The pictures tell the story and this is one story that all New Yorkers, and anyone who was traumatized by the shocking attack on the WTC, must see. In memory of all those who perished, 911 Eyewitness is a voice of the victims that must never be forgotten.

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  1. What a crock of shit.
    I think the towers collapsed because two planes crashed into them and set fire to them.
    But hey – what do I know – I only saw the videos.

  2. Oh so now it’s helicopters! This is a new one! Good grief, will the bullshit never end. What a waste of 15 minutes that I wasted watching this dredge before turning it off! Oh, and this douchebag Rick Siegel don’t know s**t about which he speaks! He stated “There was black smoke, that means the fire was ready to go out” LMAO! Ok douche nozzle, you just proved you’re a clueless ass! From the Fire Engineering website –
    “Black fire” is a good phrase to describe smoke that is high-volume, turbulent velocity,
    ultradense, and black. Black fire is a sure sign of impending
    autoignition and flashover. In actuality, the phrase “black fire” is
    accurate-the smoke itself is doing all the destruction that flames would
    cause-charring, heat damage to steel, content destruction, and victim
    death. Black fire can reach temperatures of more than 1,000°F! Treat black fire just as actual flames-vent and cool.

    Hmm, heat damage to steel huh? Like the steel that buckled from the heat and caused the building to collapse? I guess a helicopter then didn’t drop bombs on the building! Frigging idiot!

    Talk about f**king sheep! You conspiracy theory people are the dumbest of the dumb!

  3. Check out 911Eyewitness – Festival Cut for more super closeups of the bombs and flashes. Amazing new visual evidence and scientific analysis hat nobody can watch without waking up to the facts of controlled demolition and a lot more. Great Shanksvile hoax segment and WTC7 analysis. For Mr. potato head – The helicopters were part of the FEMA wargame going on called Tripod 2 set up the day before with Command and Control at Pier 93. Rudy Giuliani testified to it in the hearings. NYC search and rescue choppers didn’t rescue anybody from the top of the towers like in 93. Why? The cameraman Rick was looking through binoculars with the camera on a tripod, which is why the sound is so clear. He saw a dude hanging out the side of the chopper when the flashes happened. Could have been an infrared security scanner that identifies the location of camera lens taking pictures so FEMA team can grab them or tell people to stop filming and run.

    Susan Lindenaur also mentioned a thermonuclear bomb going off in NYC and later versions of this doc provide evidence of that as well. Record high levels of Tritium in the groundwater one month later after millions of gallons had been sprayed on the site to put out the roaring furnace that burning for 6 weeks. Seismic record from tower collapse shows huge spikes that match perfectly with nearby Newark million-gallon gasoline tank farm explosion, EMP electromagnetic pulse that knocked out 9 city blocks so they could steal the gold from the vaults in the basement of the WTC. Last truck out got stuck and US soldiers secured it’s cargo. Witness said she saw trailer trucks leaving continuously all night long. Osama was in a hospital bed in Pakistan. Yeh he did it all right.

  4. why bother pointing out helicopters? they act like the news crews would not have been out filming any of this. Are we to believe that the helicopters were dropping bombs? idiots…. Don’t even bother watching this insulting piece of garbage….. everyone knows our government is not perfect but would you rather live anywhere else? when you start giving into these psychotic delusions you are really just slapping all of the victims and their families in the face….

    • Yes – I would rather live somewhere else and I now do.
      I wouldn’t put it past the Bush gang to try to pull something like this off but they didn’t.
      That much is obvious.

  5. jews did 9-11

  6. Susan Lindauer was negotiating as a CIA “Asset” in the Middle East from 1990s to 2001. Her CIA bosses informed her they expected a jet hijacking as early as April 2001. By August 2001, they were more specific, they warned her not to go to NY or fly as the hijacking was imminent, and that the target would be the WTC. She was ordered to inquire of her Middle East contacts if they had any further information. After the attack, one of the Middle Eastern men told her: “Susan, you knew, you told us this would happen. Your Govt knew, why didn’t they stop it, why did they allow their own people die?” Susan has proof she informed the White House, the FBI, and attorney gen Ashcroft. Susan also warned her friends not to fly or go to NY in October and September 2001. Ashcroft reportedly stopped taking flights around that time. Her book: EXTREME PREJUDICE is a must read—tells all!
    So there is sufficient evidence to arrest and try bush and cheney and others. Why are they not being charged? People are scared. Anyone who is tough enough to blow the president’s head open in public at a parade, with cameras, or shoot his brother in the head while hundreds of people are standing around the two, or are able to get their hands on anthrax—these are people who will not sit back while you file a charge and prepare a case against them.
    Since the 9/11 attack, the jackals have gone on to far more heinous crimes with 500 times more deaths, just as illegally and just as openly. And do not forget, they bitch-slapped the people and stole billions. And we are here looking at billowing smoke trying to find a clue as to who did this? We are all cowards.

  7. like the government is trustworthy look at JFK! yeah they are totally trustworthy, like religion you fucking sheep!!!

  8. This is stupid. Don’t waste your time on this lame piece of crap.

  9. You people are idiots! Of course it is the truth; Look at the footage.
    -The towers clearly fell down!

  10. You people are idiots! Of course it is the truth; Look at the footage.
    -The towers clearly fell down!

  11. Paranoia will destroy ya!!!! This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. C’mon are you people serious?

  12. Woah, mind blowing, Extreme!!!!!

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  14. Excellent!! May we never forget and never rest until those responsible are held accountable….and I’m not talking Muslims here.

  15. ANYONE who believes the “official” story are the same people that think the earth is flat. You people are seriously in need of a reality check, it will all come out eventually. EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Know what’s funny, same could be said for you ‘truthers’ bahahah

      • What’s really funny is that you agree that it’s the truth, hence calling people like us that seek the truth, “truthers”, and you still choose ignorance…People like us know the earth is not flat, and since we seek only the truth, we are quite in touch with the reality around us, so I am a bit confused as to at what is the same here? I suppose that’s why they say ignorance is bliss?

        • Don’t feed the trolls. 14 year old girls knew about this at the prison i worked at in Indiana. The only way not to know about this is to only watch the MSM