9/11 Revisited, Were Explosives Used?

September 11th Revisited is perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television. Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer.

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  1. I uploaded this video to my YOUTUBE profile. Received this message.
    Nuestro equipo ha revisado tu contenido y consideramos que infringe nuestras política sobre incitación al odio. Sabemos que es posible que no supieras que dicho contenido infringía nuestras políticas y, por eso, tu canal no recibirá ninguna falta. Sin embargo, hemos retirado de YouTube el siguiente contenido:

    Vídeo: 9 11 Revisited Were explosives used YouTube
    What about thet freedom of expression !!!!!

  2. You conspiracy theory believers really are nuts, lol. Probably all on the Q train too. 😆

    • You know what’s really nuts? People who blindly believe the government and their experts😂😂 You do know the government has lied to the public for almost a century at the very least? They started wars and used false narratives to approve the use of our military, planned terrorist attacks on our own cities and military bases and navy ships, lied about the existence of UFOs for over 50+ years until the Pentagon released thousands of documents saying they are in fact real and then the media of course was right behind it all excited 😂 You like most of the public won’t believe ANYTHING unless the media and government say it’s true 😂😂🥴 It really is astonishing that ignorant individuals like yourself, whom most likely didn’t even do their own research or investigation, can’t use simple logical reasoning, ratiocination, or even common sense to determine their own conclusion of the event. It’s embarrassing how many sheep like yourself believe anything your told by the government and media 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Yeah but a BLIND MAN can see this was an inside job, When they interviewed the janitor, didnt he say he wasnt allowed in the bldg.when he came to work? He always came thru the bottom floor, He said he saw all kinds of trucks, cables etc. They need to put two face, lying BUSH on the stand to see how much he REALLY KNEW about 9/ 11.. Didnt Bush say..” I was in the classroom hall, when i saw the replay of the first plane that hit the bldg, THATS NICE,, BUT there were no VIDEO of that plane hitting the bldg, there was no reason for the news people to be there, soooooooo hoe did he see that video?????????

  4. Like John F. Kennedy wanted to do, and that was to abolish the CIA and establish a new and Honorable Intelligence Agency for The United States of America before the CIA overthrows The United States of America’s Democracy, and if The United States of America fails then their Democracy will end up like John F. Kennedy. And That is that. The United States of America has the reputation as the most uneducated Developed Nation in The World, and this is not by coincidence; this is by design, and now the words of former Director of the CIA Bush Sr. comes to light when he stated, “If they knew what we were doing they would take us to the closest street lamp and hang us.” Bush Sr. of the CIA knew that it is about overthrowing The United States of America’s Democracy. Children of the future of the USA will be Slaves to their Federal Government as though it was the King of England! EYE 5

  5. Did not Larry Silverstein say “Pull It” ?! EYE 5

  6. Larry Silverstein said that there was too much death so to “pull it” meaning blow up Tower Seven by Larry Silverstein’s command to “Pull It!” What is the confusion of the owner of Tower Seven saying to “Pull It” meaning Blow up Tower Seven. Why, my GOD, why is there confusion of the owner of Tower Seven saying to blow up Tower Seven; “PULL IT!” Did not Larry Silverstein say “Pull It”?! EYE 5

  7. WOW! My comments stay when I am stupid! Now how about when I talk about controlling comments scumbags, now let me comment on a Coup d’etat!

  8. DISQUS where are you ?

  9. where is my freedom

  10. If I comment on our democracy being overthrown by our Government DISQUS controls the comment as spam; talk about mind control! EYE 5

    • Do you think this is spam; how about teaching my children how to think and DISQUS you can call it spam and remove it! Why even allow comments if you pull a Nazi control on information?! EYE 5

  11. This reminds me of the JFK assassination. Somebody did it, but it was covered up so perfectly that no one can determine exactly who that was.

    Bin Laden (just before 9-11), advised his family and followers to buy short sale stock options in American companies – companies that would be negatively affected by jets flying into these buildings. They must have bought heavily into American Airlines, since all the jets were from there.

    Why would there be teams of people going in, shutting down the security systems while they did their work, two weeks before it happened ? Why was there news announcements that were mistakenly aired before the demolition of #7 ?

    Someone engineered these building failures knowing that Al-Qaeda was going to take the initial step. Just follow the money to see who might have been responsible.

  12. You’d have to be an idiot to believe explosives weren’t used. Even if you disregard Building 7, the way the twin towers fell makes it hard to come to any other conclusion. They didn’t just fall straight down into their own footprints. Debris was ejected outwards from both building around their entire perimeters. Even at the onset of collapse for each building there was already a tremendous force blowing powderized building outwards a substantial distance. Future generations have a right (maybe even an obligation) to condemn us for not dealing harshly with those who perpetrated 9/11 or those who allowed it to happen on their watch or even those who may not have planned it but eagerly took advantage of the tragedy to further their own political goals.

  13. yeah and God knows that there is not another country in the world doing the same thing.

  14. yeah and God knows that there is not another country in the world doing the same thing.

  15. America is fucked! They are killing their own people!