What happened September 11, 2001? All over the world, people question the official story and explanation about the events that took place in USA more than 10 years ago. In this Danish documentary you will meet architect Jan Utzon, MP Benny Engelbrecht, professor Niels Harrit, airline captain Niels Studstrup, journalist Tommy Hansen and artist Jacob Fuglsang. They will talk about their doubt and skepticism and explain why they have come to feel and think this way. – – – –

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  1. given the significance of that day and the after effects that linger still across the globe I can only hope that in the last few years since some of these remarks were made that its been important enough to examine further. in the last several years there is undisputable, declassified information and facts that can not and should not be ignored and the notion that a government wouldnt do this to its citizens is a naive view of the world. i wont go into all the evidence, proof, theories etc to make my case because in the end the conclusion speaks for itself. whether it was one of human civilizations greatest miracles of an office fire or covert operations setting it up for demolition, or a fairy flying into the buildings and sprinkling pixie dust that brought them down there is one undeniable fact that screams the loudest of that day and deserves the majority of the blame no matter what side u take. the american government was aware that attack was coming, that it was imminent, and it would involve planes and american landmarks, specifically trade center and pentagon. there is verifiable proof they knew, no matter how many times they lied about it or denied it. because they made no warnings to the public, didnt bother to beef up security, didnt raise or sound any type of alarm to those who needed that information the most it makes them guilty of neglecting their duties and people suffered for it then as they do now. they were complicit with everything that happened through their silence and inactions. it was more beneficial to their agenda of war that was already in place to let whatever happen instead of being vocal enough to warn the public. why? cause they needed it to happen and if they let on that they knew and we would be prepared that would have delayed or even prevented those acts altogether. they couldnt risk losing what they needed to happen. so yes, the american govt is as much to blame as anything or anyone one else except what they did was so much more traitorous and damaging that bush, cheney, rumsfeld and rice each may as well have been piloting the planes themselves.

  2. Excellent!!

  3. The government can barely tie their own shoelaces and yet some morons think they could have organised something like that. Why bother with the four planes? Just blow the place up and blame it on the brown people of their choice.

  4. Shame….I was going to watch this as it has a high rating. However I had to turn it off seconds in as I cannot watch a documentary that cites Wikipedia. I know its just a definition but surely they could have done better. If I did that as a student, I would certainly be marked down.

    • That demented attitude is why there are still some that believe the ‘official’ story of 9/11. Most reasonably intelligent people however, know that the truth, still, has yet to be told.

    • Oh common, stop being so pompous. You do know you come across as a massive douche when you wrote all of that? Good on you mate keep up the good work.

  5. Yeah ok.

  6. occams razor : which is more probable : A group of motivated fanatics take over and crash planes into a building, or some unbelievably complex goverment plot to attack the UN HQ in New York ????? Conspiracy is big business, a lot of people making money because of the gullibility of useful idiots. The truth is , rather boringly, that a bunch of religious nuts crashed planes into buildings

    • Research, think for yourself. You’ll arrive at the proper conclusion.

    • yeah ok.

      • Occams Razor, does not suggest that, what seems more probable is the the right answer. It in essence says that of two competing theories the one with the least assumptions is the more probable. In the case of 911 there are lots of assumptions on both sides. I doubt that any theory you have heard, and that includes the official story, is close to accurate. Also even if a theory looks to be the better one under Occams Razor,does not mean it is correct.
        You need to ask more questions about what happened. I don’t know all the facts, but I can tell you the official story about the collapsing of the 3 towers involves the suspension of the laws of physics for it to be correct. The other versions vary from interesting to the whako. I saw one on you tube that just showed the author didn’t understand lens distortion and perspective.
        It comes down the doing your democratic duty and asking questions. Explore further what is suggested in this doco, see if what they are saying holds up. Look at videos of controlled demolitions and compare? Ask can those plains do those maneuvers? Ask Where is the tail section and wings of the plane that hit the pentagon? Look at other plane crashes and see how fragile the tail and wings are and how they don’t smash through steel or concrete.
        There are more questions than answers have been given as the answers raise more questions as to how that would be possible.
        The truth is out there (lol) , but no one is telling it.

        • There’s another thing though. There is film of two planes crashing into the building and then they burned until they collapsed from the point where the planes hit.
          Yeah – it’s an incredibly complex government plot obviously.
          Fucking troofer morons.

  7. In all the photos of the exit hole I have seen there is a NO
    PARKING sign at the edge of the hole as if the blast just missed blowing the
    sign off the wall.

    I figure most people who have seen these other photos with
    the sign have given it little or no thought, most likely is the suggested

    THAT MY FRIEND, is THEIR signature. THEY are funny, but very
    mean people. I do not know whether it is a traditional challenge or an inbred
    compulsion that THEY must attach or leave clues that are ironic or plain funny.
    Of course many actions are not funny, though they are indeed funny, like slip
    and fall, ball hitting someone in the head, etc. 9/11 is a prime example. That should
    be enough to know it was THEM and not bin Laden and gang. Other known ironies
    was the coincidental war-games; Bush at a school classroom where kids are
    reading MY PET [SCAPE]GOAT—many others.

    The parking sign had to be THEIR doing. First of, it is
    mounted to a wall that had no door, so it was unlikely parking at that spot was
    not allowed. There could be other no parking signs along the wall in measured distances
    as no parking was allowed in that corridor, but I think parking was allowed as
    only certain vehicles would expect to have access like maintenance trucks or

    Imagine the sign was not there. That would mean someone
    would have had to put it there. In the video the photo shows a lot of debris,
    which means much later as stuff was thrown out. During that time, someone may
    must have taken it down, as the irony is not funny, because of the carnage. If the
    sign was placed there it would mean the joker was probably in on the attack and
    there were others with him/her to have the assurance to place it without being

    To my knowledge, there has been only one person to
    publically speak about the explosion that was in the blast area. Her name is April
    Gallup, she was an accountant. That section had a group of accountants looking
    for the $2.3 trillion the Pentagon said they could not account for. Secretary
    of defense Donovan Rumsfeld gave a press announcement of the loss and the news
    of the accounting group. That was aired on September 10, 2001.

    No one seems to drum up the odd coincidence that section had
    been newly renovated. Reported as the first section in a complete renovation
    for all the building, the emphasis was more on reinforcement than fashion,
    style or modernization. For example, the windows were blast proof and the walls
    were lined with Kevlar, the bulletproof material.

    April says her office was on the fringe of the blast, that
    she was knocked down and it was dark with debris all around her; that she was
    grappled by others preparing to get out of there and assisting others along the
    way; that they all went out the entry hole; that none of them knew what caused
    the explosion; that she did not see airplane parts or luggage and she did not
    smell jet fuel. Google or see her on YouTube.

  8. Careful Americans; lizard people shot JFK, or something. Plus, it’s definitively aliens and stuff that are [insert conspiracy here] / hushing up 911. Keep seeking the ‘truth’ though wasters – I’m sure we’re all better off for you believing in God and denying Pixies.

  9. Great documentary. It’s good to see people in other country’s fighting the information war and getting the word out. I recommend 9 -11 Mystery’s, another great documentary. I must say to the negative Nellys below that they are only adding to the problem when they write obvious lies with such authority, such as the woman on building 7 doused in burning jet fuel. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!! Or the claim that there is not any conclusive evidence, unexploded thermite chips and it’s chemical signature( found and suppressed by N.I.S.T.)

  10. Proper explanations from forensic engineers for information of building 7 and the pentagon are available on the internet. This documentary is more poorly constructed theory reiterated by Danes to give it more credibility than an American whackjob.

  11. These buildings was blown up on purpose. To find out who did it might take some time but it will ultimately surface at some point, the truth always will.

    • There is a saying in Buddhism: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” The truth will be known.

  12. Truthers – finding everything but the truth for eternity. 10 years on and they have nothing new whatsoever. They all claim they know the truth – but they have no proof, no witnesses, no court cases, no insiders – nothing. Just claim and counter-claim, ad nauseum. Sad really. Funny thing is, I used to be a truther. Gave up in about 2008 due to complete lack of evidence, and the realisation that you can see what ever you want to see. Anyhow, it would have taken too many people, and too many people (and foreign intelligence agencies) have looked into it and found nothing. Give it a rest…

    • Wow!! You know the phrase “Ad Nauseum.” I’ve seen that used about 125,576 times in the last month. Think for yourself. You too, can know the truth. Are you capable of understanding and accepting it though?

  13. To the Danish interviewees: As a lifelong New Yorker, I can say with certainty beyond your remote comprehension that the citizens of this city have always been proudly American-not, as stated by the “artist”, a country unto its self. As a combat veteran, I can relate to the incredibly naive chemist that a missile does not explode in a fireball when it hits a solid surface-like the pentagon, but jet fuel certainly does. It calls into question his credentials as a chemist if he cannot distinguish between high explosives and liquid fuel as they erupt. To the UTTERLY REPREHENSIBLE politician, shame on you for your participation in this drek. I understand you have a bias against the USA, it radiates off of you like a neon sign, just quit manufacturing reasons to do so-it’s very juvenile and self serving. To the architect, as a witness to the events at ground zero, I can say unequivocally that demolitions were NOT taken into building 7-there would have hundreds upon hundreds of witnesses like myself. That building was indeed ablaze-a woman on the top floor was burned horribly from the jet fuel that spilled down from the towers and later died. To the journalist: YOU ARE A HACK. HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN TO NEW YORK? Doubtful. I truly hope that you are shunned by your professional community. You all may have your theories and pass judgments from afar, free speech is a wonderful thing, but the thought that a government would purposely demolish a building taking lives of rescuers and victims alike is sad and quite offensive to those whose loved ones died trying to save others or were victimized by terrorists. For a country that is reputed to have a superior education system, the interviewees’ and producer’s conclusions do not dwell in the realm of logic. To all the participants of this hateful work: Perhaps you should apply a sensible amount of deduction and less speculation when drawing conclusions such as this.

    • Speak for yourself!! I’m not offended.

    • YOU…..Mr smokeater, OBVIOUSLY know jackshit of Amerikan History…..JACK SHIT. You are blinded by your ignorance….yes, I am being harsh to you because you were harsh to some very intelligent free thinking men. While you spew your vitriolic “combat verteran” aka a mere pawn for rich men’s wars, the shadow government is planning for world domination…and your chil-like mind might think, “Hey, that’s ok by me, I am a veteran and white”. But, I guarantee you will be left to beg with the rest of us. Call yourself a patriot and blindly follow…a PUNK ASS BITCH you are. Now…..reach out and jack me off.

    • That is what I know I was born and raised in Manhattan, It’s a melting pot but we r very aware that we r part of the USA, so many from somewhere else New York means America. Forget the TV, shopping, junk food, don’t feed the corps. we need to take control and make our country strong again by the people and for the people.
      What happened is obvious they planed to use confusion, and terror and put us in the dark but not for much longer I hope

    • you are a blind, ignorant, brainwashed, idiot! This blind faith is what is bringing your country down. They don’t give a fuck about you! They send you back in a casket and your family will be presented with a wrapped up American flag to compensate for your death! You are already dead!

    • As someone who has worked with explosives and other areas I can not and will not get into here I will point out that the munitions used in Vietnam were not in the same realm that is available or was in this period of time. Fuel bombs are nothing new. Now we have a mix of these fuel mixed with HE devices and throw in certain materials that shall remain nameless for this discussion… well, I am saying while I appreciate your perspective it is just that. Just like being in the audience of a good “magic” performer you were a bit busy. So we can dismiss that you were witness to anything but what you were doing yourself. I am also too aware of other possibilities and to be honest I, like many other Good Americans feel a little uncertain regarding big business driven government.
      Lastly, being an American; born and raised means I appreciate all ideas as it is a free country. I may not agree with ideas and/or statements made in this film… But, I am not going to be so immature as to be insulting. After all only people that do this kind of insulting stuff seem to lack a better argument. So, please do us all a favor and stick to what fats you have without being insulting so your views are taken seriously and not as a raving or emotional person with an agenda.

  14. Superb, rational and objective, this documentary leaves you in no doubt as to the truth about 9/11.

    • lol. No doubt infers proof. There is no narrative, no cogent storyline explaining the alternative. Just claims and counter-claim. There is infinite doubt, because noone knows how or by who. Your idea of truth is lame.

  15. I think the best point this documentary raises is that the American government lacks transparency. It is understandable since it has been involved in a lot of shady business for a long time – but, not matter what the truth might be, when such a big part of the populous are sceptic about what took place, a more detailed explanation is required.
    As a Dane, I have had the ‘fortune’ of watching interviews with some of these men before and it seems that the editor might have censored them a bit, and for good reasons – I have heard them make some very imaginative suggestions about what actually took place, especially the professor. So yeah – I think the airline pilot seems like a good expert, and the architect and the young man from parlament raises some good questions. But the rest of them, in my opinion, have a tendency to get carried away.

  16. Some great interviews. The chemist was great. 🙂 Raises similar and compelling questions that 911/Loose Change does. But interesting to see it from these folks’ perspectives. And good reminder that not only is discussion needed but general inquiry. It doesn’t take a lot of information (seeing the controlled implosion of Building 7, for instance) to know as one interviewee said, this is not the work of guys in a cave.

  17. these men hit the nail on the head … nobody wants to believe that a government charged with security and safety of its citizens would ever engage in something so murderous … so many questions …so few answers