A Competent Democracy

A Competent Democracy presents a detailed analysis of our political systems today and asks the question throughout: Do our political systems today offer any technical approach to governing society and are our political systems socially relevant anymore?
The current economic system does not go unquestioned either.
Transitional tools on how to attain a much more efficient, healthy, socially and technically relevant social system are summarised in relation to which way we should be heading if we want to create social sustainability on a global scale – ideas which cannot come out of our antiquated political systems today.

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  1. I’m only 1/2 of the the way through this documentary, and I see no less than three spelling errors. Wow.

  2. this is twisted,, the government and police are registered corporations, everything is run by corporations, your birth certificate is a corporation.. nature is a machine we can rely on,, fuck technology  

  3. Finally a documentary that is not only about problems but brings forth some practical solutions for our future society. For by now it should be obvious to all that our world can not go on with this explorative capitalist system that is destroying the people and the planet.

  4. Anarchist bullshit.  And yes, anarchism itself has a natural negative connotation because we are social creatures. Fu…ing Marx and Freud are evil if they knew what they would cause.

  5. im sorry 5 min in the video i could not continue to watch, its to radical just at the premiss.Not that i dont like radical idéas but i do belive that politics and goverment has done a lot to prevent other govermments to fuck us over…

  6. Thought provoking….wouldn’t it be nice if…..

  7. Utopian, naive claptrap like all of Zeitgeist. “We need to do away with the government and then the government has to run sustainable programs for everybody and provide for everybody.” 

  8. “Give us a voice.”

    Blacks should not be seen, heard, or smelled. Period.

    • Neither should racists.

    • Yaz. more like Noz. hater.

    •  You’re an idiot mate.
      If whites didn’t wanna mix with blacks they shouldn’t have invaded their countries and fucked them.
      Help yourself to a history book.

      • I agree. Humans will f-ck anything.

        A better approach would have been to hole them up on reservations and in safari parks, and then take the natural resources that the natives, for the most part, didn’t even know existed.

      • AND theres no way either of you watched the documentary. It has nothing to do with race relations. — just looked at the picture and opened your mouths. FUNNY because this is a documentary about competency.