A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures

Chris Waitt, the star and maker of the documentary, appears to be in his mid 30s and he has had his fair share of girlfriends — all of whom have dumped him. He decides to find out why and he attempts to interview each of his exs to see why he can’t find a relationship that lasts. If you can imagine knocking on the door of someone who has dumped you and shoving a boom mike and a camera in their face, then you can get a sense of how funny this is.

Indeed, in the first half hour, when he first sets out of his quest, there are some great belly laughs. For instance, when his agent/financial backer gives him an angry phone call after his wasted trip to Scotland or when he finally manages to interview his first old girlfriend and she reveals when their relationship took place or when the most angry of all his exs (who will only speak to him behind and screen and via a Stephen Hawkins computer) takes an age to type our her answer to his question “What didn’t you like about me?”

The pace of the film wanes in the second half and there is a fairly pointless visit to a dominatrix and an experiment with Viagra, but Waitt himself freely admits this. And you also wonder to yourself as you watch Waitt on dates “Is this guy for real or is he playing up on his slacker image to make his film more funny.” You also hope this isn’t the case in the films surprise ending, which has called a little bit of a stir. It is a very sweet ending … and, in a way, it is life-affirming. You never know what could happen when, in a booze/Viagra induced daze, you approach 300 strangers in the street and beg them for sex!

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  1. I watched this on HULU last night.

  2. Dead video link…

  3. How do I watch/download this documentary?

  4. try washing, it goes along way with the ladies

  5. kurt cobain is alive and well, was hiding in the UK obviously 🙂 haha